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I dont think wh2 is ready for this


  • BobgoblinBobgoblin Registered Users Posts: 266
    Effect range is entirely too small..... Imagine Kholek casting this?
  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 19,619
    edited May 2018
    The Ogres are coming, and they've had Mexican.
    Malakai is the best choice for a Dwarf LP. Give us Slayer lords so we may form a Slayer host and revel in our destruction!
  • Trebor7Trebor7 Registered Users Posts: 108
    Clickbait title
    Trebors Garrison Overhaul
    Trebors Legendary Trait Overhaul
    Trebors Trait Overhaul
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,647
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