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Thrones of Britannia - Post-Release, What’s Next?

Harley_GrinHarley_Grin Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 102
A few words from our Game Director, Jack Lusted, on what’s next for A Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA.

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Associate Brand Manager

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed here are those of the poster and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Creative Assembly or SEGA.


  • HijodeleonHijodeleon Registered Users Posts: 21
    Keep going. save "Total war." because it definitely agonizes. Your work is very good. Of course it does not satisfy everyone. We always expect much more from "Total War". I am sure that the plan that you have will work. There is no better way to achieve it.
    I'll be waiting until May 15. You have all my support. Keep going
  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 3,070
    It's always very appreciated to see this kind of communication from game devs, not just TW but any game.

    Personally, I'm loving the game. Can't wait to see what else is in store.
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,137
    edited May 2018
    Me either.
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  • Warrior_OWarrior_O Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3

    I agree with most people's complaints regarding late game issues. AI isn't very smart, and playing with the Scots there was a point I had 2400 food fielding 9 armies... As for culture/faction mechanics, here's a few suggestions:

    1. The Generals' skill tree in my opinion is quite dull. Unless you're playing with Gwined, the bonuses you get each time you level up aren't really that big a deal, needless to say there are NO melee bonuses to the army itself. Most of the trees I've never even used because the bonuses are so insignificant that I always end up increasing governance, zeal and most of all command.

    2. The scale of influence and generals skill points should be broadened. If my King owns 30 estates, that should be accounted for and not capped at 10, especially in late game. Also, if you have a total of 40 options for character skill points, yet the character only gets 10 to spend throughout their lifetime, this doesn't really help develop the character much. I suggest something similar to Warhammer, where there was total of 40 points and you could really develop the character's traits and distinguish them from one another. That way in late game all characters are not just rank 8-10.

    3. Go easy on the corruption. I know the bigger you get the more corruption, but 90-95% is a little overdone. I was playing as Circenn, owning half the map including Ireland, I just had to conquer Wessex. I declared war on Wessex, trade falls through and I end up owing 10,000 per turn. I wondered how in the world that's possible since I own 75% of all the provinces, and when I checked my settlements, they all had between 80-105% corruption... it's just very unrealistic. Be careful when you re-balance the game, because if you decrease income in the late game and leave corruption as it is, you'll have us all bankrupt.

    4. Cinematics are reused and don't provide any incentive. I remember for Shogun 2 (one of the best games you've ever put out by the way), I would wait and see the little video for each unit and agent. I mean there was little unit variety, I get it, had to spice it up with little videos, but it helped immerse the player into the game and provide a feeling for what's going on. Shogun II had the best cinematics in my opinion.

    5. Faction names should change accordingly. I know Wessex changes to Anglo-Saxons and then to England. But playing as the Scots or the Welsh should eventually lead to changing the factions' name to Scotland, or Kingdom of Wales etc.

    6. There are too many details every time an enemy general dies. I don't really need to know that much, unless it's a high ranking general, a King or an Heir. This might be a personal preference.

    7. Minor events should be more diverse and increase in significance as you gain more territory. If I own half the island, and lightning strikes my cows, big deal, just repair. Make these events more significant if you have a bigger empire, and also add up a few more interesting and realistic ones, like plagues, city fires, droughts, bandits on the road stealing taxes, whatever else. There's a point when I get tired of seeing oh, there's a flood again. Oh, lightning again.

    8. Loyalty should increase the more estates I give a character. Right now it's capped at +2 loyalty no matter how many estates they're given.

    9. Kings live too long. I had a King once die at 78..... my heir became king at 58.... they should die more sporadically and at younger ages, same as for all other characters, but specifically kings. And on a side note, maybe we should be given some options for marriage, as opposed to just one woman, take it or leave it, it's far more realistic.

    10. Lastly, I wish some units had a Tier III, which could be faction specific. Currently, war dogs and catapults are just rank one. Maybe that could be improved to add a little spice to each and every faction.
  • BlakclightBlakclight Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited May 2018
    Well i'm kinda mixed with this post seems it's not succeeding to win the masse as much as expected and i think you kinda deserve it even thought i don't want this series of games to die out .
    Total war was a game of grand strategies and had his fan base : the territoy management , the story telling , the joy when THIS unit stay in combat against the odd and survive or THAT units of cavalry charge those peasant and cut them to piece that was what we wanted. It had achieve a singuliar feat to make you care about an entire empire and a single squad of soldier down to the last man. Their life on the battlefield had a story : Your basic troop could be thrown into the bloodiest fight to preserve your elite unit even thought they would have been way more fit to this.
    But , as a try to bring more player maybe , you changed the entire purpose of the game made it more "STREAMLINED" or "FOCUS" in an attempt to expends your player base you lose something REALLY important : The STORY , The ROLEPLAYING .
    The problem is not the gameplay that are to "vague" it's that we dont have ANY gameplay liberty and the choice we have resume itself to wich side i attack , do i make another 20/20 stack army now or do i wait.

    I think Total War : Warhammer had hiden the truth from you : i payed this game (and will maybe be the last i do) . Not because of the total war franchise but because of the Warhammer one and i am pretty sure i am not the only one . If you continue in this direction , once the dust settle you will have lose a lot more people than you gain. As of today when i want to play a total war warhammer game i launch medieval 2 with a mods made by a non lucrative team of russian on an engine that begin to date a lot .
  • HijodeleonHijodeleon Registered Users Posts: 21
    It is logical that we try to reach the sensation that we got from yesteryear when we played a total war. That one that reached the top with the Roma and we could enjoy until the Medieval 2. Because after this we definitely lost something. we have been waiting for it, where disappointment has prevailed.
    Fill with specific advice to a team that is not at fault and receives the cursed inheritance, it may carry more problems than help.

    At this point I think we should wait for the beta and work together from specific points to the most general ones. But what I find most useful at this moment is to return a little, to clear the fog and try to see what they had the Roma and the medieval 2 that must be maintained and that can currently bring as new

    There were many good things that we do not understand why they disappeared after the curse of "Empire". That only brought us in return good naval battles of the time that we have not seen again. But the worst part is that we lost "total war". I hope not forever
    I'm not sure how much this helps but I would try.

  • AeronauticoAeronautico Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited May 2018
    Please please please CA, next TW Saga about the Italian Renaissance just like what was done with ToB? Like, PLEASE?


    "The Italian Wars, often referred to as the Great Italian Wars or the Great Wars of Italy and sometimes as the Habsburg–Valois Wars or the Renaissance Wars, were a series of conflicts from 1494 to 1559 that involved, at various times, most of the city-states of Italy, the Papal States, the Republic of Venice, most of the major states of Western Europe (France, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, England, and Scotland) as well as the Ottoman Empire. Originally arising from dynastic disputes over the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Naples, the wars rapidly became a general struggle for power and territory among their various participants, and were marked with an increasing number of alliances, counter-alliances, and betrayals".
  • AeronauticoAeronautico Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited May 2018
    Also if I may, CA should cater its three lines of games (Fantasy, Era, Saga) to three increasing levels of difficulty or better, complexity where among the historical, Era is more generic and "streamlined" and Saga is the more hardcore one so to say, approaching the depth of a Paradox strategy game (not quite like but you get the picture), so to simultaneously please the need for complexity of the veteran base, yet not alienating the flow of new and casual customers coming from the Warhammer titles.

    It's okay CA, no need to hire me, I do advise out of good heart and for free. :*
  • MosqueteroMosquetero Registered Users Posts: 3

    Please please please CA, next TW Saga about the Italian Renaissance just like what was done with ToB? Like, PLEASE?

    Not TW Saga. It deserves to be a major TW title with a new engine.

  • AeronauticoAeronautico Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10

    Not TW Saga. It deserves to be a major TW title with a new engine.

    I was not referring to the game engine but to the attention to detail and historical accuracy.
  • GeoffreyM2TWGeoffreyM2TW Registered Users Posts: 2
    If I may add my opinion. The game as it is is great. I do think it is like Shogun II in scope, so not sure if that makes Shogun II a Saga title, except that it is much faster and the short victory conditions can be achieved in a few hours, which I absolutely love. There is nothing like it and considering the depth of the game (historical details such as the cults of saints, historical names, historical characters) to be able to complete such a detailed and in depth campaign in 4-5 hours is amazing.

    In that regard, I really do not care for late game. If I want to fight the Normans, I can start a long campaign and maybe something needs to be done to stop the human player from being super strong but for me once you reach the ability to recruit more than two full stacks, the game becomes pointless. By then, short victory conditions will have been achieved so no big deal. If it is important for people to go beyond that then add a patch. But I really do not want to end up again having to spend weeks just to finish a short campaign. I was really glad this game had changed that.
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