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Ship Movement Problem

samtee1samtee1 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 12
Whenever I'm transporting troops by sea on the campaign map, the default route the ship takes seems to always head towards deep water and, as a result, suffer attrition. I have to manually move the ships in short stretches along the coast to avoid this problem rather than just clicking on my destination and trusting my ship doesn't travel the route that will suffer attrition. Is this something that is intentional or is it a pathfinding problem?

I'm playing as Cicern.


  • MrJadeMrJade Senior Member Lansing, MIRegistered Users Posts: 7,165
    It is probably more efficient, but not so much more that it matters. The AI will choose the path that it moves the fastest through, no matter what that does to your army.
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  • HectorSalamancaHectorSalamanca Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 59
    That must hurt the AI
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