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*bumping* Naval combat in TW:WH3 !!!

BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 257

It's been said before, yada yada yada - license issues prohibit CA to include naval combat.

Having that said - the Total War engine is totally ready for including Fantasy naval battle - see also


So pretty please with a cherry on top - resolve the Man'O'War license issues and make WH3 the way it should be !

An ardent fan,


  • chuwakchuwak Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited May 2018
    Great idea i back that up !!!

    I remember spending hours and hours playing custom naval battles in Napoleon. When i think about it i might even download it and play some more lol
  • DeadwoodKenDeadwoodKen Registered Users Posts: 22
    Even if they could make them, I doubt they would. It would be like remaking all races over again to make them unique since many races did not have Man O War units. That said, it would be nice to see Dwarf Ironclads blowing apart sea monsters and galleons alike.
  • Some_ScribeSome_Scribe Registered Users Posts: 1,376
    Reposting due to relevance:

    Warhammer sea battles would be amazing if given the necessary attention.

    The old Man O' War game from the 1990s had unique fleets of ships and monsters for a lot of the races, including Khornate scorpion ships with claws and Dark Elf sea serpents with actual towers fused to their backs.

    Then, in 2011, Dreadfleet gave us a slew of beautiful ship models and art:

    Tomb Kings



    Chaos Dwarf

    High Elf



    Vampire Counts

    As you can see, the fleets of Warhammer's races are just as varied as their armies.

    Even the End Times gave us some cool images of a Nurgle Plaguefleet:

    There's amazing potential for Warhammer naval combat in video games, and I'd love to see it in this game.


    The things that make Warhammer naval combat so awesome also make it pretty much impossible to get for TWW.

    To properly capture the zaniness and variety of naval combat, CA would have to invest a LOT of resources into them. Every race would need its unique ship roster, complete with animations, physics, and everything else. This would mean a lot less resources put into the land battles and campaign aspects. We'd probably get fewer races with less units spells, LLs, and unique mechanics. I'd also expect smaller campaign maps with fewer details.

    As much as I'd love to have Warhammer naval combat in these games, I'd rather not have them and get more fleshed-out and polished land battles and campaigns. Warhammer naval combat really needs its own game to get a chance of being realized to its full potential.
  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 257

    Warhammer 3 might be a good opportunity to have a full fleshed out naval battle... I'm not even suggesting ALL ship types from Man'o War need to be present. SOMETHING / ANYTHING is better than current. In other Total War games naval battles have been succesfully and well implemented. So why not here....
  • Theo91Theo91 Registered Users Posts: 1,707
    I’m against naval combat (sorry). It’s seems like an unnecessary complication hats likely to be unrefined and full of bugs. Would much rather they spent the time, money and effort on fixing other game mechanics
  • FAsnarreFAsnarre Registered Users Posts: 1
    ME2 style naval combat could work and CA dont had put sou mutch money and time on it. This way it would give justice for black arc , example.
  • Theo91Theo91 Registered Users Posts: 1,707
    I really hope it doesn’t happen. The total war series has been going on for decades and they’re still trying to perfect big tree smart ai. There is zero chance naval battles will work well if introduced
  • Loken300Loken300 Registered Users Posts: 1
    There are endless threads and request from Total War fans begging for naval battles in Total War Warhammer, I remember after spending days and days worth of hours playing Medieval 2 seeing the announcemnet for Empire TW and losing my mind at the thought of finally having naval battles instead of autoresolve BS. Now Warhammer Fantasy, with such a varied and amazing roster of ships and races to include, with its own ship based games, and seeming willingness to work with CA. (Which is amazing since GW normally is a pain in the ass to work with) they leave out ship combat. Its literally the only qualm I even have about either of the TW Warhammer games, sure it really wasnt needed in the frist one, but when you open up the map to include 40% ocean and dont include ship battles. Add in DLC races whose primary military might lies in their naval prowess, its like you are hinting to yourself to add actual naval battles and ignoring it. Take the hint, make this game fly off the Steam Shelves, add naval combat, youve already done an amazing job over and over with great games, rise to the challange and make this game even better than it already is. Ill always be a fan of Total War, Id just like to see some more tenacity from them and not hessitation due to fear of effort.

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