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Thrones of Britannia: Public Beta Patch Update

CA_EllaCA_Ella Posts: 220Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, Community Team
edited May 2018 in General Discussion

We’ve just launched a patch to add some improvements to the Thrones of Britannia Public Beta – take a look and let us know what you think!

As well as a list of changes we've made in this update, there's also a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for the Thrones of Britannia Public Beta yourself (or if you have friends you want to rope into it).

Check it all out here: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/thrones-of-britannia-public-beta-patch-update


  • LeverkinLeverkin Posts: 38Registered Users
    - ‘Hide Foliage’ option added to battlefield Spacebar menu
    - Removed damage caused by towers exploding when they are captured

    This were sorely needed changes. Thank you.

    - Changed AI bonuses for food. They now get a base +25 food on easy and +50 on normal, hard, very hard, and legendary along with a bonus of +5 food for each region owned on easy normal, and hard, and +10 on very hard and legendary

    Good! More food, more AI armies.

    This patch is going in a very good direction. Keep it up! :)
  • MrMecHMrMecH Posts: 1,855Registered Users
    Thank for new patches.

    I suggest additional viking horde seem not be enough. You should add 2 instead of 1 in Very Hard and Legendary. Then it should be

    Hard - 6 Stacks
    Very Hard - 8 Stacks
    Legendary - 10 Stacks


  • misterZmisterZ Posts: 267Registered Users

    Made adjustments to a large number of unit stats and costs, please see full patch notes for details

    Where I can look for them?
  • Jack_Lusted_CAJack_Lusted_CA Creative Assembly Brighton, UKPosts: 1,343Registered Users, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff
    We've updated the blog post here with the full list of changes now in the beta patch: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/thrones-balance-update-full-details
    Game Director - Thrones of Britannia

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  • MattzoMattzo Member United KingdomPosts: 1,433Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    Exciting stuff.
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  • CnConradCnConrad Senior Member Posts: 3,078Registered Users
    Garrisons for main slot in major settlements now give 8/9/10/11/12 units. Garrison chain now gives 5/5/6/6/7 units, with unit quality improving over the levels. This means at max level both combined give 19 unit garrison, leaving space for the governors unit

    Great change.

    8+5 garrison for 1 town 1 is great it should finally be a bit of a challenge taking out big cities.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 15,511Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    So tried a new East Anglia campaign.

    Turn 1: I defeat the rebels, start expanding several farms

    Turn 2: West Seaxe declares war, I recruit additional units

    Turn 3: Blackmail, I lose influence, loyalty of several characters drops to dangerous levels

    Turn 4: Cent and Suth Seaxe invade, all the low loyalty characters rebel and I lose half of my provinces

    Turn 5: Vicing invades, immediately declares war on me

    Turn 6: I defeat Cent and Suth Seaxe, but the rebels in my back take almost all of my farm settlements and I can no longer sustain my armies

    Turn 7: Vicing starts taking settlements, I give up

    That was on Normal BTW. I think that's way too hard, especially the fact that you start with such low influence that any random political event like the one above can immediately cause most of your holdings to secede. I think Guthrum needs to start with more influence.

    Alternatively, have a grace period at the beginning that prevents politics from tearing your realm apart early. Rome2 has such a mechanic, too.
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  • JacklessJackless Junior Member Posts: 281Registered Users
    Many good changes! Now we need some more character traits that make characters more aware to what the player does with or against them.

    This would make loyalty a lot more dynamic when you do something to / with one character and others would react to that according to their traits. That way the campaign wouldnt need to rely so much on random events.

    Imagine an over-jealous warrior who is exceptionel at leading your army but who takes it as an offence every time you give an estate or an office to someone who is "below" him.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 15,511Registered Users
    Second attempt, did not get West Seaxe declare war on me turn1 and no random blackmail attempt, gave all governors priests ASAP to prevent a civil war and warred on other Heathen Army factions to keep West Seaxe off my back for as long as possible by getting Here King English points, this time I actually managed to get anywhere.

    I think there should be less RNG whether or not a campaign can become unwinnable from the start.

  • ExarchExarch Posts: 346Registered Users
    In my beta East Engle, I had lots of loyalty issues early, but had time to beat one of the heathen factions, then the Wicing raiders just before West Seaxe attacked.

    I went for the Here King English too, I wonder if that's a decisive factor?

    There could be a short window before west seaxe can declare war on you. I guess the diplomacy is finely balanced so there's a threat of war anytime and the RNG can just tip it.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 15,511Registered Users
    Well, right now my campaign goals have pushed me into finishing off all the other Heathen Army factions. I wonder if that's a result of going Here King English and whether going Here King Army would instead task you to destroy the Anglo Saxon kingdoms.

  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 16,776Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    I really liked the East Engle campaign. Got my butt kicked the first time I tried it (on Hard) so dropped down to Normal. Still tough but was a lot of fun. Only went to the Long Victory. Going to do it again on a harder level a little later.

    Wrapping up a Northymbre campaign now. Waiting for the invasion(s) to get the Ultimate victory.

    Great game!
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  • MetalC0MmanderMetalC0Mmander Posts: 47Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    Something I thought might be a thing when I first played the game and wonder if it might help with holding back West Seaxe and East Engle early conflicts is them starting with a declaration of friendship. I mean from what I get it isn't completely historically inaccurate unless the treaty of Wedmore was that much of an invention. It does doom the miercian vikings though so that might make West Seaxe tougher later game.
  • ESKEHLESKEHL Senior Member Posts: 481Registered Users
    I really like the difficulty now. Trying to start up as Circenn on very hard. And it is VERY HARD :smiley:
  • BlackenedLokiBlackenedLoki Junior Member Posts: 159Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    ESKEHL said:

    I really like the difficulty now. Trying to start up as Circenn on very hard. And it is VERY HARD :smiley:

    I did that last night... Oh my *non-descript deity*, all of a sudden everyone hates me and I have 1 army in a relatively massive kingdom!

    I'm haemorrhaging settlements left, right and centre! Hopefully, I'll be able to consolidate my shrinking realm tonight, but I'm not hopeful as Viking armies seem to crush mine on a whim
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  • PellicanBeatsPellicanBeats Posts: 9Registered Users
    You guys are on normal doing this, i can't wait to try legendary later should be over in 2 turns haha
  • BlackenedLokiBlackenedLoki Junior Member Posts: 159Registered Users
    I'm on Very Hard :)
    Yes, I am one of those people who liked Rome 2 and yes my opinion is still valid.
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