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Why am I seeing multiple Saurons...?

Im playing Third Age Total War 3.2 as high elves and encountered Sauron on battle for the first time in the campaign. He appears on the battlefield as three of himself in a single unit.... there is only one Sauron in Middle Earth so I thought that was strange. This also occurres with the balrog unit. Playing the dwarf campaign I enetered Moria and fought not a single balrog but rather many balrogs in a single unit.... in custom battles both Sauron and the balrog appear as one solitary individual. Why am i seeing multiple Saurons and balrogs in the campaign battles but not in custom battles? Code or file problem? Has anyone else enencountered this? I appreciate the help.


  • Darth__MalekithDarth__Malekith Registered Users Posts: 9
    Medieval 2 is incapable of producing single entity units. When I played Mordor, I got Sauron with two random orcs in the campaign. It's also explained in the starting letter that you receive. This is applicable to divide and conquer, and it's just your luck handing you 3 Saurons. Good luck facing 3 Lords of the Rings!
  • Ssorce87Ssorce87 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I've read about people fixing the problem and that was back in 2012. I'm playing TATW 3.2 and it looks like the fixes they made were implemented yet somehow my Sauron appears as more than one unit. I've never played Divide and Conquer. How does Sauron appear in that version? Single figure or multiple Saurons?

    I haven't tested it but I think Sauron might appear as one if I used small unit settings but I really don't want to go any lower than normal settings for unit scale.

    My other issue is that when I play as Mordor and I get the ring back it doesn't automatically transfer over to Sauron as I have been told it is supposed to. I can transfer it over to him manually no problem. However, Gollum stole it from my Sauron!!! I simply reloaded my previous save but still... Gollum should not be able to steal the ring from Sauron once he has it. I think this has something to do with the fact that the ring doesn't transfer automatically..
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