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Hattori Tokugawa Kisho Ninja Bug

AtadriaAtadria Posts: 2Registered Users
It states that Hattori and Tokugawa Kisho Ninja are superior to the others, however only difference I see in terms of stats is
ammunition difference. Superior ninjas have 2 ammunition while every other ninja has 11.

Also for some reason, I can not mod the game anymore. I used some fix mods for this ninja bug, but they are not working anymore.


  • AtadriaAtadria Posts: 2Registered Users
    Found it from a steamcommunity discussion, If anyone wondering was wondering -_- https://steamcommunity.com/app/34330/discussions/0/540739405763442589/

    Originally posted by ksay:
    I found a solution on some RU forum. You need to install mods manualy. I had the same problem as guys from above so try it out. It worked for me.

    1.1 - Unzip the downloaded archive
    1.2 - Put the files *** pack. In C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ total war shogun 2 \ data
    (or they would be there if u subbed for mod in workshop)
    1.3 - Prescribe mod file in user.script.txt (create if it's not here) which is located at:
    the Windows XP - C: \ Documents and Settings \ (Your User Name Here) \ Application Data \ The Creative Assembly \ total war shogun 2 \ scripts directory
    the Windows 7 \ Vista - C: \ Users \ (Your User Name Here) \ AppData \ Roaming \ The Creative Assembly \ total war shogun 2 \ scripts directory
    1.4-After making changes, save user.script.txt in Unicode format.
    1.5- Launch the game. Check mods in the modLauncher. Start.

    mod ***.pack; where "***" - the name of a specific file

    Example of user.script.txt:
    mod ornamentum.pack; <---- u need " ; " at the end!

    This worked for me, in Windows 10
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