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Faction Leader as Governor

SkyjackSkyjack Posts: 83Registered Users
I just noticed my Heir is a governor. How do Governor/faction leaders work out?


  • BMNOBLE981BMNOBLE981 Senior Member Posts: 1,197Registered Users
    Bad choice for governors the faction leader and heir have a 25% upkeep reduction when leading armies. (Use to be 50% before the patch)
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  • SkyjackSkyjack Posts: 83Registered Users
    Guess I’d better do some leader shuffling :#
  • tak22tak22 Senior Member Posts: 2,380Registered Users
    I actually wouldn't worry about the 25% upkeep, at least not once you're past the early game and need every unit you can get on low income. By the late game, it's at least theoretically possible to have governance skill/scribes that in a rich province would get you more income than you save from 25% off units.

    The more important aspect is influence. Generals get it from winning battles and conquering (lots of) territory. Governors get it from happiness, food surpluses, etc. If you're fighting a lot of battles, you'll rack up influence traits faster than a governor will get them. If you're going through a period of peace, a stint as a governor might help boost influence levels. (I assume you know, but just in case: low influence on your faction leader can make your nobles rebel, high influence gives a lot of benefits on the campaign map.)

    The other factor to consider is that generals can pick up some beneficial traits from camping a few turns in regions with military buildings (e.g. the 'armoured' line of traits from the forge chain). Obviously, if you're spending time as a governor, you're going to be picking up fewer of these traits. Probably not a deciding feature, but something to consider.
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