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Is vanilla Rome II multiplayer any good?

LKgolicLKgolic Registered Users Posts: 1
I just finished my first multiplayer campaign and it was a complete mess...
A friend of mine recommended me "devide et impera" mod and I am hesitant to start using it. He even wrote a blog post about it.
Can you give any feedback on that?


  • Donofwar3Donofwar3 Registered Users Posts: 62
    Once you D.E.I mod you can never go back.
  • epic_159733062650ipC6PXfepic_159733062650ipC6PXf Member Registered Users Posts: 348
    Donofwar3 said:

    Once you D.E.I mod you can never go back.

    Like never EVER ;)

  • Donofwar3Donofwar3 Registered Users Posts: 62
    With all honesty the mod is fantastic. It overhauls what it can add new features when it can. Playing with the romans in the early game will make you think your fighting on tow fronts . with a third about to open in Sicily. Make trade with the caspine guals factions. Biuld up your economy be for you march in Sicily the moment you down Syracuse. War happen with carthage no way around it. And carthage has a stronger hand. You have to think about how you going to do it. (Oh I forgot deal with epirus either down or make peace.) I will say no more fantastic mod. Play it.
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