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Need some help with modding basics

drakemer12drakemer12 Registered Users Posts: 1
So I have an idea for a rather large mod that adds new infantry, monsters, artillery and agents to each faction, in an effort to diversify each faction. I'm getting a little sick of having three armies composed of more or less the exact same units. My idea is to create a variety of units that are the same tier, but with different attributes that mean they have to be used differently. There's only one problem however. I don't know how to mod.
I'm not asking for a step-by step tutorial (although that would be nice). I've used PCM before to edit stats, so I know how to add files and edit them. What I don't know is which tables control what I need. If someone who knows what they're doing could create a list of which tables are needed for creating new units, I can figure out the rest. Probably. Hopefully.


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