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In Vortex do you go oversea to attack the factions winning ?

VarlakVarlak Registered Users Posts: 9
I don't know how but even if I own a lot more settlement then anyone (39 vs 24) I'm lagging a way behind the major High Elf leader.

Beeing Delf they are on the extreme oposit of the map from me so I'm woundering if you guys ususaly would make a long trip by the sea trying win a few settlement to slow them, or the best strat is just to completly obliterate my own continent to earn more scroll ?


  • TeachMeHowSenpaiTeachMeHowSenpai Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 299
    edited July 2018
    In my Dark Elf campaign I took most of Naggaroth and what I didn't control Morathi did, she also kept the Lizardmen in check. And the Skaven? yeah... But I invaded Ulthuan who was in the lead and defeated them.

    Same in my HE campaign I destroyed DE and the others aren't really a problem. Don't remeber how I did in my LM campaign but think I destroyed the DE and maybe stopped one of HE rituals.

    And the only way to really stop the bot getting to far ahead of you even if you control more is to stop one of their rituals, since they get more of the stuff you need for the rituals even.

    This atleast is my experience.
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  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,509
    Never, you don't really lose via Vortex objectives, and in any case the other factions will spawn intervention armies (which you can do yourself, and the game also spawns Chaos stacks (which oddly you cannot attack unless it's directed against you).

    I have thought about it, but given the above, I saw no point. It takes a while to travel to the other side and by that time you're in easy mode and in my case likely bored of the game.

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  • VarlakVarlak Registered Users Posts: 9
    k thanks guys I guess that I will venture into the uninhabitable climat of the west and eventaly going down to the lizardman.
  • khyronkhyron Registered Users Posts: 172
    For a single player Vortex campaign I have not done so. Mostly becouse I had learned how the vortex worked. I know I have a chance to stop them at the final ritual with my strongest army. Also max gold intervention armies have worked well enough. I will often keep an agent near the opponets ritual sites in the closest water. When an A.I. pops an intervention army I can pop my own.

    Most stragity recomendation I have heard for the Vortex campaign boil down to.

    Calm down, yes it is a race but the final battles are what decides the winner keep your Faction leader ready to fight those battles,

    take your time, Rushing can cost you dearly. You may see the event intervention armies spawn and go running off after them only to have the other major powers spawn there intervention armies right next to your capitol. Thanks Lizardmen Dino Spawning army ritual for saveing Kroc'gars capitol from getting raised in my Co-Op campign.

    strengthen your defenses, put walls on everything walls to defend against intervention armies can attrition otherwise very powerful stacks into auto resolve on there march to ritual sites.

    if you are going to send an army over when it arrives activate an intervention army to give them something else to chew on,

    the larger your empire the greater distance between 2 ritual sites could be. Final ritual sites for my Malakith campaign were Naggaroth, Naggarith, and Morathis starting position.

  • DraxynnicDraxynnic Registered Users Posts: 8,059
    daelin4 said:

    Never, you don't really lose via Vortex objectives, and in any case the other factions will spawn intervention armies (which you can do yourself, and the game also spawns Chaos stacks (which oddly you cannot attack unless it's directed against you).

    I have thought about it, but given the above, I saw no point. It takes a while to travel to the other side and by that time you're in easy mode and in my case likely bored of the game.

    I have heard that they have increased the difficulty of the final battle if another race wins the race. So it might be something you can actually lose now.

    Personally, I'd say that annihilating the most aggressive of your rivals probably isn't a bad strategy. Stops them from attacking you, gives you one less competitor to worry about, and you can use their former holdings to build the forces to defend against the waves in the final rituals while holding against your remaining rivals.

    If your gold supply can handle it, it's also convenient to spawn intervention armies against an opponent you're already attacking.
  • NyxilisNyxilis Registered Users Posts: 3,905
    I was playing Queek and the HE already seemed to be moving along with their rituals pretty quickly and confederating rapidly. Which was only fueling their part of vortex even faster. Eventually I had to sail right up to Ulthuan and start with Lothern and carve a hole right up the middle. By the time I got to the end Ulthuan was either conquered or a burning wasteland with Queek right next to the Isle of the Dead so he didn't have to go far for the finale.
  • NariacNariac Registered Users Posts: 248
    As soon as the Skaven start their first ritual, spawn a max gold intervention army. I was playing as Tyrion, and it spawned with 7 star dragons, 2 moon dragons and a bunch of random super elites. It then proceeded to wipe out the Skaven faction because at that stage in the game they had nothing to stop that many dragons. Eventually the intervention army just despawned because the Skaven faction was destroyed. Was hilariously broken.
  • DukeusDukeus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 164
    I do. Feels more like a real race. I pretend i would loose if they finish faster. But in general i am faster anyway because i focus on getting ritual sites.

    I enjoy Vortex campaign. You can play a story driven race or you can give a **** and play it casual sandbox.
  • Surge_2Surge_2 Registered Users Posts: 1,816
    When I thought I could lose (Game 1 and 2 of Vortex) yes I did. After I realized it didnt matter...nope.
  • NinjipplesNinjipples Registered Users Posts: 696
    I have never lost the race for the vortex. I always make sure I get all the nearby ritual resource sites as soon as possible and that usually sets me up for the rest of the game.

    Next is to have lots of cities because each is worth 1 per turn. As such I usually conquer the entirety of whatever continent I'm on and confederate with my other LLs.

    After that I use the confederated lands as a spearhead to mess with the rituals of whatever factions are nearby or to slowly expand if minor factions are in the way.

    In my current Lorthern game I was so far ahead for the vortex that I stopped doing rituals and went off to invade Naggaroth.
    At the time everyone was at stage 2 and I was ready to start stage 4. As it is now I've got enough ritual resources to complete stages 4 & 5 and the AI still hasn't finished stage 3. Also DE never will... they keep getting screwed over... by someone...
  • WyvaxWyvax Registered Users Posts: 2,823
    I play a long slow approach typically, and I let the High Elves reach the Vortex first, knowing that I can knock them out permanently if I beat them. Never again, I was forced to scrap my Rictus campaign because of that. I'll sabotage them if it's prudent but usually I can get my good buddy Settra to do it for me.
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  • dreagondreagon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,170
    It depends on my own resources. I like to have an army in every ritual site and one or two other ones for reinforcements. If I have at least two more armies I might send them to screw with the leader of the race.
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  • NinjipplesNinjipples Registered Users Posts: 696
    @Wyvax has a good point.

    Try to make friends with the TKs and other minor factions near your rivals. Once you ally you can get them to target the other major powers. Khalida in particular is great for dealing with Skrolk.
  • tremor3258tremor3258 Registered Users Posts: 61
    The chaos incursions get stronger per ritual. I find it worth waiting a turn or two to spawn the intervention so they have both at once at a ritual site.

    If they are ahead on the last ritual then I may launch an amphibious assault. Taking and holding one site is enough
  • BrutalbunnyBrutalbunny Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 101
    Did it the first time I played vortex. Now I know the race dosent matter so just ignore that stuff
  • FrostPawFrostPaw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,123
    I usually wait until later in the campaign, spend the money on my own settlements where it's needed first. Then I'll drop an intervention stack on the leader.
  • turrehundturrehund Registered Users Posts: 227
    I've never understood how it would be possible to win the race playing on VH or Legendary. Tried a campaign with Teclis and I was never even close, so I just waited, built an OP army and beat them in the final battle. It was otherwise seemingly impossible to stop Naggarond from the other side of the map.
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