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Interesting Moments of Your Campaigns

Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Registered Users Posts: 1,746
Should I retreat? :D

Let's welcome our old friend, Top Knotz! The travelling must be challenging :)

Bernhoff the Butcher finds a good spot not being seen by Empire... but me. Well then...trade is cool!


  • Tankred56Tankred56 Registered Users Posts: 74
    edited July 2018
    That looked epic, at least on campaign map. One and only time in my campaigns when human nations united and gathered in one place with all their armies.

    Meet the Ricco, the Mortar guy.

  • GCRustGCRust Registered Users Posts: 604

    *A lone tear slides down Tyrion's cheek*

    Read this very carefully:

    "This is fine."

  • TeachMeHowSenpaiTeachMeHowSenpai Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 299
    Ostland Invades Naggaroth!

    Malagor's long lost twin! (though I noticed that every Brayherd I got had 1 of the 3 LL's)

    Interesting choice, A Wrong Put Right or A Wrong Put Right?

    My Campaigns
    Older Games (Shogun 2, Rome II, Attila)
    Shogun 2: Campaigns Completed
    Takeda Clan
    Hattori Clan - Normal

    Rome II: Campaigns Completed
    Epirus - Normal
    Selucid - Normal/Very Hard
    Macedon - Hard
    Rome(Junia) - Hard
    Pergamon - Legendary
    Sparta - Lengedary
    Ardiaei - Legendary
    (WoS)Boiotian League - Very Hard

    Rome(Cornelia) - Hard

    Attila: Campaigns Completed
    The Geats - Normal (Minor)
    The Tanukhids - Normal (Minor)
    (AoC)Kingdom of the Lombards - Hard (Short)
    (AoC)Westphelia - Hard (Short)
    Ebdanians - Hard(-) (Minor)
    Warhammer I
    Warhammer I: Campaigns Completed
    Greenskins - Normal (Long)
    The Empire - Hard (Long)
    Vampire Counts - Hard (Short), Very Hard (Short)
    Crooked Moon - Normal (Long)
    The Bloody Handz - Very Hard (Short)
    Beastmen - Very Hard (Short)
    (EfaE)Beastmen - Very Hard (Short)
    Warriors of Chaos - Very Hard (Short)
    Wood Elves - Very Hard
    (SotR)Argwylon - Very Hard
    Clan Angrund - Very Hard (Short)
    Bretonnia - Legendary
    Wintertooth - Hard (The Crow)
    Warhammer II:
    Vortex Campaigs Completed:
    Hexoatl - Hard
    Followers of Nagash - Very Hard
    Lothern - Very Hard
    Naggarond - Very Hard
    The Dreadfleet - Very Hard
    Har Ganeth - Legendary
    Clan Skryre - Very Hard
    Clan Eshin - Very Hard
    Yvresse - Very Hard

    Mortal Empires Campaigns Completed:
    Court of Lybaras - Very Hard (Long)
    Beastmen (Malagor) - Very Hard (Short)
    Nagarythe - Very Hard (Long)

    Three Kingdoms:
    Sun Jian (Wu) - Normal
    Ma Teng (Liang) - Hard
    Yuan Shu (Zhong) - Hard (Coop w/ Yuan Shao)

    Eight Princes:
    Sima Jiong - Hard (Regent)
  • SetrusSetrus Senior Member SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 18,622

    Louen plays herohammer to aid my besieged city...and it works. :open_mouth:
    Don't worry.
  • dchip1dchip1 Registered Users Posts: 646
    Once I’m home I’ll upload some victory/loss screenshots but cool moments off the top of my head:

    Malekith vortex Campaign :

    My main army was trying to reinforce a weak tier 2 settlement where I placed my #2 or #3 general (he had a black dragon barely) when instead of the just the 20 stack led by a HE lvl 10 female general who id been engaging in various tit for tat battles Tyrion and his elite army manage to march and reinforce her whe she attacked Malekith who was in March mode so tired army. Luckily she didn’t have lightening strike. So more or less the high elves not only had a numerical advantage but was mostly Lutheran sea guard, a bunch of phoenixes, some spearmen, and Tyrion was packing some Phoenix guard and either lions of charce or swordsmen of hoeth. Malekith has his black dragon and arcane conduit at that point but besides some melee crosairs and wych elves my entire army was mostly the basic spear men, dark shards, and some bleak swords. The auto resolve wasn’t looking good so I had to try to win or risk losing my hard fought beach head on Ulthuan. The battle took place in a hilly forest map with both armies starting on high ground with a valley below. I resigned myself to mostly trying to kill as many units as possible, if I was going to lose I wanted to take as many of those snotty **** heads with me and kill their general and wound Tyrion. The plan I went with was to hide all my forces in the trees including my reinforcements and I sent Malekith out alone.

    I managed to get a decent wind of magic and through spamming that and the health for mana spell I managed to unleash torrents of spells and acid dragon breath on as many Lutheran sea guards as I could. The HE were stuck bunched up in trees facing a slope but didn’t want to go into the clearing in case I had set up a trap. I took massive damage but managed to keep it up by sending my other dragon General to breathe acid and attack the other area of sea guard to keep their arrows off Malekith. It was tough but I managed to keep him alive and the elves lost a lot of men but it was only a fraction of their forces but I knew I had hindered their morale and barely kept Malekith Alvie enough to retreat. They finally chased him into the clearing and were nailed by scores of bolts from the darkshards. I sent a the 2 Calvary units I had (low tier melee ones) into Tyrion’s reinforcing archers who managed to miss most of the bloodshed. Though they were slaughtered it managed to remove their middle advantage as my forces engaged theirs. A long slog of a battle followed, even though I had managed to mess with their morale and wreck havoc on their missle troops the HE snobs still had the numbers. I managed to heal Malekith a bit and sent him in at the climax to scare Tyrion away as he was near full health and reking my dudes even tho I was gaining ground. Luckily the I noticed surviving Calvary had some time before reformed and were waiting behind enemy lines. Their mostly symbolic charge shattered the morale of a tired but still dangerous unit of sea guards and then I finally tracked down and see their barely alive female general who had reformed her composure and was stalking behind their lines. A fre blows from Malekith and the retreats and lords death luckily shattered Tyrion and he fled finally ending the battle.

    Malekith had killed over 300 HEs himself and both he and the other general were still alive. Tyrion had been in March so his entire army and himself were wiped. What looked like an impending defeat for me had been an unmitigated disaster for Lothern and what started as a campaign to secure a beach head turned into a full scale invasion within a few turns as they were unable to muster an army in time after makekith and the other had healed. Def one of my favorite moments and I’ll add more shorter stories once I’m home lol. But that will always be one of my most epic gaming moments ever and one battle that changed an entire campaign
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 7,914
    Saying "GRIMGOR'Z DA BEST" and throwing a badly injured army led by Grimgor into a full Archaon led Chaos stack. Managed to win with Grimgor smashing Archaon ala Storm of Chaos.


  • ZerglesZergles Member Registered Users Posts: 3,014
    Slightly unrelated BUT...

    To put this into a little better perspective, my daughter was barely talking at this point. She knew only a few words.

    I was holding her in my lap playing Grimgor and I would look at her and say "ERE WE GOOO", which she thought was hilarious.

    Well. Days later we I was playing again. Still playing Grimgor and she was asleep on my shoulder. I had the volume really low. However, I don't know what she heard, she jolted awake as I started my turn and squeaked out a little "ere we go" then went back to sleep.

    I was so proud.
  • GCRustGCRust Registered Users Posts: 604
    Trainin' 'er gud 'n rite u iz. Get 'er ah pointy stik.
  • dchip1dchip1 Registered Users Posts: 646
    Oh another one:

    Lothern Campaign I had driven the DEs out of Ulthuan and just allied with Caledor. 1st warhammer campaign so I saw this weird human rogue army hanging around. They declare war eventually on caledor and I decide to take them out to build relations. Turns out “The College of Pyrotechnics” wasn’t a pushover, 1st introduction to steam tanks, rockets, mortars, and outriders with Fernandez launchers. I got my main army stomped! Tyrion was wounded and they were heading to Lothern. I throw another army and get stomped again (early game so no dragons and I hadn’t unlocked any elite units just tier 3) and he keeps heading for Lothern. I think he had to heal so I had another army move in and Tyrion respawned so I quickly threw a lot of money in RoR, global, and local recruitment. The college runs into the ocean in the bay of Lothern so I move Tyrion close to him it miscalculated how close the reinforcement army was. He reks Tyrion again in a naval battle but at this point he was battered and I finished him next turn. Truly an unforgettable monkey wrench by a rouge army thrown into any of my campaigns
  • ZerglesZergles Member Registered Users Posts: 3,014
    Rust said:

    Trainin' 'er gud 'n rite u iz. Get 'er ah pointy stik.

    She knoez how tuh uze da stikka reel gud

    The family dog knows to run a d hide when she gets the broom and starts "sweeping" the house. She uses it like a spear.
  • tremor3258tremor3258 Registered Users Posts: 61
    Buffing up some legendary lords by helping with Bretonnia's vampire problem as Empire. The Red Duke has a massive garrison and a full army in Lyonesse, with his other cities sacked and Bretonnia moving over to take them.

    Gelt had been skirmishing for a while but I needed support to take down the army and the settlement together, and couldn't lure the Duke out via raiding, or get Bretonnia to send an army into the area while the Duke still had defenses. So Volkmar got called up to general and sent to assist - the rest of the Imperial forces were clearing the Greenskins out of the eastern mountains to stabilize Sylvania or keeping the Norscans in Norsca.

    Finally with two armies, I moved into position to siege - and naturally they sallied out. A huge line of vampires against Gelt's fortified position - and as the lines moved to engage, Volkmar's line appeared to the east to assist in a flanking attack that diverted their cavalry. It was a huge, epic battle between good and evil, and as a sally, the vampires managed to resurrect a couple units into the city rather than having it completely empty, so they weren't able to grab it immediately.

    That's when Louen Leoncouer, the famed Vulture of Bretonnia, bravely rode a stack up to help in chivalrously taking Lyonesse's lunch money from about a hundred ghouls.

  • Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Registered Users Posts: 1,746
    What is 1532? :D

    Shooting without seeing :p

  • Some_ScribeSome_Scribe Registered Users Posts: 1,381
    I already told this one, but...

    One time I started a new Tretch campaign. When he levelled up, I took blue and red skills and no combat skills.

    After some early conquests, I engaged a Dark Elf army being led by a melee Dreadlord who was Tretch's level. Being used to playing Queek and wrecking enemy lords, I threw Tretch into battle with with the Dreadlord, then began microing my Doomwheel for some sexy rear charges.

    About 15 seconds later, the inevitable happened: Tretch routs, having lost over 3/4s of his health and barely scratched the Dreadlord.

    My first thought was "Oh crap", but Tretch rallied once he got a short distance from the fighting and was able to come back and help win a comfortable victory for Clan Rictus.

    I laughed, both a myself for being dumb and at Tretch for acting in-character.
  • ardeathwingardeathwing Registered Users Posts: 112
    edited July 2018
    Ledendary difficulty campaign.
    Moments after the grand alliance of Bretonnia (me), The Empire, Dwarfs, Tilea, High elves (Teclis) and Mazdamundi collapses.
    After we dealt with the Chaos invasion, Norsca, Vampire Counts, Greenskins, Dark Elves, Beastmen, Wood elves and Scaven, the alliance was no longer needed. Mazdamundi declared on the Empire and that caused a chain reaction, now we are all pitted against each other.
    TOTAL WAR! (freakin tomb kings will outlive us all, they just don't care)
    (dark blue - Bretonnia, light blue - Dwarfs, Dark Red- The Empire, Red - Teclis, Brownish - Mazdamundi, White - Tilea)

  • Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Registered Users Posts: 1,746
    Queek took K8P at turn 40 :o

  • Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Registered Users Posts: 1,746
    New map area disclosed! Wow :)

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