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Crash during "end turn"/"start of turn"

FatalsugarFatalsugar Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: v. 1.3.1 build 6213.1291362

I am using Steel Faith Overhaul II, but I found multiple similar posts by other people who weren't using mods, so my guess is the mod isn't causing the problem. (The save file can't be accessed without the mod though, so I don't really know if this post will be of any use.)

Description: Naggarond singleplayer (Vortex) campaign save crashes either during the turn of the faction which is last in the "turn queue" (Warband of the Hawk), or right when my turn is supposed to start.

I temporarily installed a mod that removes the fog of war so I could see what said faction was doing during their turn, and all they did was move an army forwards. From that I would guess that the game crashes during the start of my turn.

Just before the "stopped working" error message, the game freezes for about five seconds, and during these 5 seconds the audio completely cuts out for about half a second, then resumes. The same thing has happened on every replication.

The autosave happened during the "end turn"-phase after I won a siege, so I can't change any decisions in the campaign. (Playing on legendary)

Potential fixes I've attempted:
- Fiddling with the graphics settings. (Temperatures are fine, game runs fairly smoothly)
- Updating graphics drivers, reinstalling audio drivers.
- The space left on my ssd was getting quite low, so I thought maybe the game was crashing due to the turn start autosave. Freeing up space changed nothing, but I've had an issue in the past where steam couldn't "figure out" that I had freed enough room for a patch to download after failing to do so beforehand (Was fixed by connecting another hdd to my computer), so perhaps this could be similar?
- Deleting the data folder and verifying integrity of the game files.
- Reinstalling the game.
- Offline-mode on steam.
- Clicking the screen ravenously just before and during the crash. (it's not an "I'm angry"-joke, apparently this has actually helped some people in the past. (Or maybe I took someone elses ironic joke as something real, I don't know))

I've attached the most recent mdmp-file and the first one. (Same problem from yesterday and today)


  • PetitprofPetitprof Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same problem :/
  • BentonGreyBentonGrey Registered Users Posts: 3
    I've got the same problem on the ME campaign, and with multiple different factions at different (but relatively early) points in the campaign. For Kislev I've seen this crash happen around turn 24 and for Itza around turn 35. I forget the exact numbers, but the takeaway here is that, on a long enough timeline, all of my campaigns are running into this, which makes the game basically unplayable for me.

    For me, it also seems to crash at the beginning of my turn, because the last faction is one of the wandering ones, "Stuff Snatchas," and I can't imagine they're doing much of interest.

    I've updated my drivers and gone through much the same process as the original poster, and no luck. I'm occasionally getting a message about memory being referenced that can't be read.

    I've also got a number of mods installed, but this issue seems to be more widespread than just modded players.

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