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SolvedGarrisons Wessex bug

LESAMALESAMA MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,811
Like to report a bug in the garrison building chain for Wessex. After the first tier building the second tier decreases the garrison. The same from tier III to IV.
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  • Jack_Lusted_CAJack_Lusted_CA Creative Assembly Brighton, UKRegistered Users, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,390

    Are you running with any mods?

    Checking this out from tier I to tier II the Garrison goes from 2 Ceorl Spearmen, 1 Thegns, and 2 Ceorl Archers to 1 Ceorl Spearmen, 2 Thegns, and 2 Ceorl Archers so the number should remain the same but with an increase in quality.

    Similarly the tier III garrison gives 1 Ceorl Spearmen, 3 Thegns, 2 Ceorl Archers and tier IV gives 4 Thegns and 2 Ceorl Archers, again same number between levels but increase in quality.

    What exactly are you seeing in your game?
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  • LESAMALESAMA Member Registered Users Posts: 1,811
    Hi jack, I’m currently away but will check it out this weekend and post some screens. I’m not using any mods.

    Really like what you guys did with the update and it really shows the commitment of the team. Was playing some euIV but the update made me return to tob and got me hocked on right away. Especially the building changes and allegiance addition make up for some very interesting gameplay.

    Some additional feedback:
    The number of traits gained per turn seems a little to much. It’s hard to keep track with 10 governors and a number of generals. I would prefer less frequent traits gains with more impact.
    Ui wise it would be good to explain the different effects of estates. Also in the family tree it’s no longer possible to see the influence explanation of your faction leader. One needs to go to another menu in order to find out.
    Mechanics like invasions really add to the atmosphere. Would like to see more of that. Especially with regard to treason and betrayal.

    Anyways big compliment to you guys. Hope you still consider dlc after the mixed reviews. Tob is shaping up to be one of the most complete total war games. And definitely one of my favorites.
  • LESAMALESAMA Member Registered Users Posts: 1,811
    Checkt it and seems fine now. So please close this thread. Don’t understand what went wrong. Checked it tree times befor I posted and was 100% sure. Anyway thanks for the reply!
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 20,736
    At OP request, marked as Solved.
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