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Some UI Bugs (missing text)

MetroidMetroid Registered Users Posts: 15
Hey CA,

I'm absolutely excited about the work you are doing. Keep it up! However I have found some UI bugs that should be fixed

In the graphics settings tab, two descriptions are missing. Pretty obvious.

1) I'm not sure, what the checkbox in the upper left corner does. A tooltip is missing saying what it is for.
2) Orange symbol: when you hover your mouse over them, the purple and blue symbol above the character portrait have a tooltip saying what they stand for (faction leader = purple and heir = blue). This is missing for the orange symbol so I've got no clue what it means
3) the textbox for traits is too short in german: First and last caracter are cut off

The starting faction leader for Egypt ist named Ptolemäus II. However, his father and son are both named Ptolemaios. Both spellings are correct but it would be nice to use only one.


  • epic_159733062650ipC6PXfepic_159733062650ipC6PXf Member Registered Users Posts: 348
    It's due to language missing.
    The checkbox is for hiding the deceased members from the family tree but it's already not even working. Hope @CA_Ella and others can read this and put it on track :)

  • ca_dionissievca_dionissiev Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 178
    Hi @Metroid , thanks for the feedback :)

    Unfortunately in the Open Beta build the localisation of the game is not complete so it is possible to come across issues like the ones you have spotted in German and other languages.

    Our localizations team is hard at work to fix all similar problems for the official release, so stay tuned :)

    Thanks again, we appreciate the comments :)
    Ivan Dionisiev
    CA Sofia QA Team

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