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Shadow Flickering in Desert Environments, not SLI related

MigzMigz Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 316
edited August 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
Some systems display flickering shadows in desert environments when units engage in combat. It's most noticeable when the camera is between the light source (sun) and the soldiers. The systems are not using GPUs in SLI.

How I produced the effect:
Custom Battle in the Arabian Peninsula, not near a settlement

Allow your melee forces to engage with the opposition.
Pause the game, position the camera between the sun and the soldiers

Video showing the appearance (not my video):

This topic originally came up in the Steam forums*, so there is more information available there. In that thread, another player wrote that he/she experienced the same thing in a field map near Athens in Autumn.

* https://steamcommunity.com/app/214950/discussions/0/1746720717338083995/

Another thread created by original Steam author : https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/224081/total-war-support-please-read-rome-total-war-2-extreme-shadow-flicker#latest
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  • CampisiACampisiA Registered Users Posts: 11

    Thank you for bringing this issue up.

    I've created my topics in two different areas and hoping for some type of feedback.

    Once you know the issue and see the problem (shadow flicker or dancing) it becomes a major issue.

    Now I'm looking for a possible update from CA.

    Thank you once again for helping us out with this.

    I'll try to produce more videos in the future about the issue.
  • CampisiACampisiA Registered Users Posts: 11

    The issue was able to be reproduced by the CA support team.

    They have marked the issue and will send it to development.

    Just wanted to provide you an update.

    Thank you once again.
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