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Losing traits after reloading save or finishing a battle

With the 12 turns per year mod. it is easy for characters to live well over the campaign lifespan. Once the number of a character's traits reach certain point, these traits start to regress or disapear after reloading saves or ending a battle.

The chance of happening is competely random, and the effect can be devasting. I had a faction leader lost influence traits, turned out over half of his statemen gone red in loyalty, the next round? negetive traits just spam out from those statemen. It completely destroyed a campaign progress.

I started a new game with beta 2 version, the problem presists. Battles and generals progression is essential in this game, a bug that can takes away those ''achievements'' at any time just discouraging and honestly kill my itch to continue or re-start a campaign.

I also notice some bugs in the release version have been fixed and that vastly enhances the gameplay experience. great work, keep it up.


  • Alfred_BrightonAlfred_Brighton Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have not done well in explaining the bugs I experienced.

    Generals often gain new traits after a battle, but the some of the traits repetitive. One of the generals in my game already has 'Mighty War Chief' before the battle, after it, he gains new trait ' War Chief' which is a lower tier trait to previous one.

    Sometimes other traits disappear to make place for the new traits. The general also lost 'Well-armoured'' after the battle, and maybe other traits that I have not noticed

    This repeats many times in multiple campaigns of mine, I play Gwined for most of the time.

    Let me know if you want me to send you save copies. Cheers
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