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Defending seige BUG: One does not simply walk into Mordor!

[version 1.00 build 11956.1436036 Allegiance_1 beta 2, few mods (camerax2, 4seasons, garnison)]

I sieged Nothinghamtum (or something like that). The city is divided by a river in two 'blobs", with a bridge destroyed, but the wading through the fort is possible to reach the other blob.

At the start I positioned all my army and siege apparatus at one side. The defending AI anticipated, and positioned their army in front of what seemed the point of impact.

I started to move a tower, way down around the city, to the other blob without defenders. The AI stood still, and did nothing.

I captured the city with one unit: climbed the wall, ran through the city, captured the flag and waited the countdown. The AI did nothing. I won without a single loss.

This should not happen. This is clearly a fault in the behaviour of the AI, or is it?


  • Yeol_the_ClumsyYeol_the_Clumsy Registered Users Posts: 9
    Update: it's possible to win ALL attacking sieges with walled cities this way! Almost no losses, every city free for the taking. This is not intended, and should be repaired.

    1 - defending enemy units should be aware where you are deploying the seige machines (towers, rams,...)
    2 - defending enemy units should defend their victory point when occupied.

    Now it's all for the taking without any fight, every walled city!

    P.S. some walls do not permit the tower to function, and units can't climb the wall (tower) when the tower is positioned against the wall.
  • Yeol_the_ClumsyYeol_the_Clumsy Registered Users Posts: 9
    Here is a small video how to walk into any walled and defended enemy city, and capture it without a fight.

  • thesmooshthesmoosh Registered Users Posts: 5
    Yeah there are actually a ton of ways to abuse the ai in siege battles. My favorite is putting a siege tower on the other side of their base but not deploying any units to the tower. Just leave some unit in nearby bushes and once the battle starts just deploy them to the tower and take the nearby gates without a fight.
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