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Roman Centuriae weight and caste mismatched

Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 280
Roman Centuriae have their weight set as heavy and their caste set as medium.


  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    A lot of units have mismatched weight and caste, unfortunately. Not just in RotR campaign. For example, Colchian Nobles are marked as just heavy spear infantry (while other hoplite units with 105 armour are very heavy infantry), Leopard Warriors recruitable for Kush are described as medium spear infantry, the same unit available as mercenary is marked as light. Top Armenian Horse Archers from ED campaign are marked as medium missle cav, though they are clearly heavy armoured units, easily outruned by 'real' medium cav etc.
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