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Shirt Ideas

matthewriley87matthewriley87 Registered Users Posts: 3
I am going to have my wife make me a greenskins shirt. I was thinking a green shirt with the red orc head symbol on the front and a short quote on the back. I was thinking something like “Waaagh!” Or “Gork and Mork iz coming”. Any suggestions for a good, short greenskins quote?? I also might have her make a goblin one with the crooked moon symbol on the front and a goblin quote on the back. Again any quote suggestions? Thanks.


  • ReeksReeks Registered Users Posts: 8,113
    Get Back ´Ere
    `Ere we go

    GuO STOMP!
    Nurgle Is Love
    Nurgle Is Life
  • SolidJamesSolidJames Registered Users Posts: 300
    For the gobbo quote it has to be, " Let me fink about it.... NO! because its the best! As for greenskinz I think a shirt with two orcs or an orc and goblin fighting each other and the quote on the back could read, " Gork is da best!! NO Mork is da bestest!! WAAAAAAGH!! or something like that. I need a shirt now...
  • WyvaxWyvax Registered Users Posts: 5,114
    Gobbo quote should be "I'z speshul!"
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  • FenristhegreatFenristhegreat Member Registered Users Posts: 475
    "I 'edbutted da evuhchozen an' all I got wuz dis louzi shirt"
  • SolidJamesSolidJames Registered Users Posts: 300

    "I 'edbutted da evuhchozen an' all I got wuz dis louzi shirt"

    Big headshot of Grimgor and we got ourselves a winner!
  • TRexTRex Registered Users Posts: 358
    I'll be honest here - don't. Not cool, you're a grown man. I love Warhammer, but you'd have to pay me a lot to wear a t-shirt.
  • ZerglesZergles Member Registered Users Posts: 3,014
    Make it look like the Green Bay Packers' logo for the Orc shirt.

  • Mogwai_ManMogwai_Man Registered Users Posts: 5,217
    edited August 2018
    TRex said:

    I'll be honest here - don't. Not cool, you're a grown man. I love Warhammer, but you'd have to pay me a lot to wear a t-shirt.

    He's already married. He doesn't need to worry about looking cool anymore.

    Can't go wrong with "Waaagh!"
  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,513
    make it vague but refer to adding "Red, cuz Red makes it go FASTAH!"

    It'll be innuendo for pretty much everything.

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  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 22,378
    edited August 2018
    Ask her to make two, a his and hers, then wear them publicly. Have fun, together! Life is too short as it is. Being able to do silly things make it all worthwhile, especially since you can embarass your kids when they start getting "at that age".
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