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I noticed it since Ancestral Update beta, units (both my and enemies) are hidden until they come really close.
Because of this missile units become very little of use until you continuously scouting the area.
Once the units which you are pursuing become hidden (which doesn't take too long to happen) your unit stops pursuing in that direction.

Did anybody else notice this? I tried to play multiplayer with my friend and if it was me hosting the game both me and he were seeing this hiding issue, but if the host was he there was no such issue happening.

See the attached picture, the enemy is running onto me and he just appears only when he is very very close.


  • _HL_EasternWarlord_HL_EasternWarlord Registered Users Posts: 5
    The issue is still present in Rise of Rome as well. I have opt-ed out of Ancestral Update.
  • _HL_EasternWarlord_HL_EasternWarlord Registered Users Posts: 5
    Any updates?
  • MigzMigz Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 316
    edited August 2018
    If you use an SLI system, disable SLI. Don't merely change the driver to single-gpu, completely disable SLI to play.

    That image, though, isn't a very good example of a problem as the enemy army should be hidden for awhile in that forest.
  • _HL_EasternWarlord_HL_EasternWarlord Registered Users Posts: 5
    Many thanks for highlighting this out, it turned out this is indeed due to SLI.
    Single-gpu setting was not helping as you indeed mentioned, only after completely disabling SLI has resolved the problem.

    I was thinking this is some kind of a feature rather than a bug caused by SLI.

    So then I suppose I should wait until nVidia provides new game ready driver (which are supposed to fix flickering issue) or there is no expectation that new drivers are going to fix this particular issue as well?

    Are there any approximate estimates when nVidia will release it? Do you know if there are any references in nVidia that I can use for following up/tracking the resolution of this particular issue?

    Anyway, many thanks for pointing out how resolve this issue!
    Big respect!
  • MigzMigz Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 316
    Sorry, no, I don't know when/if Nvidia will update the driver to solve the conflict between the newest TW:R2 version and SLI systems.

    Nvidia's GeForce driver forum is the best place that I know of for consumers to learn about changes Nvidia plans to implement in its driver packs. https://forums.geforce.com/default/board/33/geforce-drivers/

    If you don't want to wait for a new SLI driver, you can opt into the old patch 19 version of the game via Steam's Betas tab, and SLI should work correctly for you. You won't be able to play Rise of the Republic though.

    Good luck!
  • GAMER_2099GAMER_2099 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Yes, the game won't let you see the ambush units unless you are very close. It just ruins the ambush if you can see the units from afar. I got ambushed by 2 units of Gorgo's Skirmishers and I lost most of my units. Yeah, I was dumb. :(
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