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Shared turn in Co-op campaign

UnseenChaosUnseenChaos Posts: 1Registered Users
One of my favorite things to do while playing Mortal Empires with a friend is to create supporting armies to cover each others weaknesses. For example, my friend and I played a Bretonnia/Empire campaign in which he sent an atillery army to follow my main force while I sent an aerial army to support his. This tactic came with two glaring problems:
1) Due to being turn 1 I was unable to initiate attacks utilizing the support. I would always need to get into position and then have my friend attack, or just group together and hope we got attacked. This wasn't as big of a problem as the second point, but remember he had a support army of only ranged units, so the fact that he was the one that needed to start the attack always put him in danger.
2) Because I could not initiate attacks, I couldn't take cities without my friend first razing it. This was the most annoying part of the game, even if it was a city I needed he would always be the one forced to make the attack.
I believe that a shared turn would easily fix the problem with working together and also make the Co-op campaign ACTUALLY Co-operative, instead of just single player with two people.


  • JonTaunJonTaun Junior Member Posts: 36Registered Users
    WH3 is only going to have a bigger map and more factions. With that will come even longer turn times. CA please make shared turns similar to Civilization 6. In Head to Head you would probably want a army movement/ battle phase but everything besides that should be done simultaneously. Something NEEDS to be done if you seriously intend to have MP Campaigns be a thing.

    There is far too much waiting with nothing to do. Building, upgrades, skill points, and anything that doesn't require campaign movement should be simultaneous IMO.

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