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Idea For A ''Reboot'' Of A Great Title

VoteSpartanTW2VoteSpartanTW2 Posts: 7Registered Users
Hello, I've been a huge fan of your work since the first game I played of yours and it was Spartan: Total Warrior 2005 on my gamecube. This game was so awesome and still is, but a bit old. Unfortunately I have never found the same type of experience that game offered at this time. I've tried many similar games as For Honor, Dinay Warrior etc. But non of them felt like a Spartan: Total Warrior, the immersion of the battle, the fight, the weirdness and the mystery all combined together. So I have been waiting for 13 years hoping that maybe one day you would make another one with better graphics and movements. It still may not be in your plan to make another one but I am pretty sure that many of us that played Spartan: Total Warrior 2005 would be so ''hype'' for a new one. That's all I had to say. I would be ready to pre order anytime a Spartan: Total Warrior 2,

Keep up the good work.
-Sincerely a fan.


  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Posts: 16,224Registered Users
    I always took Ryse Son of Rome to be a reboot of sorts, given how similar they play.

    Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology.
  • VoteSpartanTW2VoteSpartanTW2 Posts: 7Registered Users
    Sorry but how is this a reboot? Crytek made that game. I liked Ryse Son of Rome but again it wasn't a Spartan Total War. I would be happy if they just decide to make a remasterisation.
  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Posts: 16,224Registered Users
    Not gonna happen. Spartan Total Warrior is the following

    -Console exclusive
    -single player only
    -hack and slash
    -highly anachronistic

    Ryse Son of Rome is relevant because frankly it is not only all those, but modern and better, despite anachronisms.

    By the time CA has made a PC/ modern console version, the question is that why remake a game that received mixed reviews when you can just make a better one?

    Another game for the PC worth mentioning is Relic Entertainment's Warhammer: Space Marine, where it follows a very similar format, but with guns. I swear, Relic pretty much ripped off Spartan: Total Warrior for that title.

    Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 20,730Registered Users
    When was Spartan Total Warrior ever a "great" title? It was a sub-par God of War rip-off that somehow managed to be even more fantasy than said title despite using RL characters instead of mythological ones (for the most part).

    Sparta with giant walls.
    Romans attacking said giant walls with a humongous robot.
    A warmachine based around weaponizing Medusa's gaze.
    Characters separated by hundreds of years all living in the same period (Leonidas and Claudius for example)...

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