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Post-Hotfix: Should the creation of new Political Parties by Non-Heir Family Members be allowed?

DaggetDagget Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 25
Today's hotfix notes state that Family Members will no longer separate from the family and create new political parties.

Making Heirs unable to split from the family was a good and widely requested change. However, applying this to all family members seems like an overcorrection, as having less-favoured family members (like someone who wasn't selected as Heir) growing jealous and becoming political opponents gives space for an interesting thematic narrative.

Perhaps a middle ground could be looked at for next Hotfix?

Would like to read your opinions.


  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 4,001
    Is it just members within your family tree can't split off, or are "Other Nobles" from your own party prevented from doing so as well? I'm guessing it's just family members, right?

    If it's just members of your family that can't split off, then I don't really mind the change. If by "less-favored" family members you mean characters who aren't used or promoted often, then they wouldn't pose much of a challenge as a rival party, because they'll have practically no gravitas or influence in the government.

    I agree, it would make for an interesting narrative, but I can't see a means of implementing it in a balanced way, you know?
  • MarcusIuniusBrutusMarcusIuniusBrutus Senior Member GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 1,739
    Its only family members, not other nobles from your party.

    And i think its too much effort to restrict it only on heirs, as they had to invest much time to take family members out.

    Hi all.

    Yes, unfortunately we didn't have the resources to address the issues you mention.
    We tried to focus primarily on gameplay related stuff, like the ship disembarkment issue or the family members creating an opposing party which proved frustrating to the players.
    As we worked in a limited time-frame (as usual) some prioritization was in order. I am sure you can understand :)

    Thanks for the reports!

  • BenjinBenjin Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 256
    edited September 2018
    I'm fine with family members being excluded while your "Other Nobles" characters in your party can form new parties. It's a good compromise and actually gives more incentive to use the intrigue to adopt those characters into your family - it prevents them from splitting off.

    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
  • RafSwi7RafSwi7 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,898
    I agree with @Benjin

    For me it would be perfect if ONLY heirs and faction leaders were unable to create new parties. I guess it was impossible or too hard to implement.

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  • MigzMigz Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 316
    edited September 2018
    From an historical perspective, how the system was originally implemented (i.e., the most popular and ambitious character, regardless of heir-ness, would create a new party) made the most sense (even though some players didn't seem to understand that), but from a gameplay perspective, I understand why some players were put off from that approach and am fine with CA's decision to change it.

    As for allowing some family members to defect and create a new party while not allowing others... meh, whatever at this point. What the OP suggests wouldn't make any more sense from an historical perspective than not allowing any family members to leave, so imo, the final implementation should only be done for gameplay reasons. Neither way seems much better to me than the other though.
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