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Total War: Endless Saga (Endless Legend)

SschmidtSSschmidtS Posts: 11Registered Users
From Total War: Warhammer, I can assume that Endless Legend has everything to be well adapted to the world of Total War being equal to or better than Warhammer, given that the world of Endless Legend have Heroes, builds, Lords ... great charisma, what do you think?


  • C01ntelpr0C01ntelpr0 Posts: 4Registered Users
    I am rather confident that LustedCA will keep great charisma (and sleek suits) to be able to pickit up for another Guerre de Cent ans. I am pretty much looking forward to that, thanks.
  • PlushybunnyPlushybunny Posts: 31Registered Users
    I am already looking forward to this game. It will have factions with three units each, of which one is a settler unit.
    And the whole city building will be limited to four to six slots per city!

    What a great game this will be! :D
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