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Having some problems with some weird bugs when playing tomb kings.

MortisFilliusMortisFillius Registered Users Posts: 1
So I'm playing tomb kings, having fun while doing it too, but I have experienced some... Problems.
My first problem is when I research those dynasty lords, they just kind of... Never appear where the other lords can be recruited. I assume this is a bug, because I have no idea where else to look for lords.
My second problem is that the heralds, when researched, doesn't appear where the other followers appear. I've checked both lords (which is the one that would make the most sense) and my heroes (just in case) but nothing at all.
My third issue is that the whole new dynasty awakening in the mortuary thingy. Well unlike others who have had problems with it getting stuck after a single awakening, I am having the problem that it gives nothing in return when I crafted it.

Programming wise, I can't tell what is happening here. My best bet is that something went wrong when I started the game up. Since I have researched 3 lords, one of them after a restart of both game and computer (again, just in case). The same with the heralds. I will admit not testing the new dynasty awakening for the reasons that it is pretty expensive, and I don't want to waste 800 jars and 10000 gold on nothing (again), but I imagine it won't change much...


  • Pacman99Pacman99 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue. Are you using any mods?
  • crimsonsuncrimsonsun Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 390
    Any replies on this, I've got all but two of my heralds missing and 2 Lords who never appeared. driving me nuts.
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