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I'm considering to buy TW:Medieval II - should I ?

BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 257

I would like to have a better TW alternative to Warhammer. The battles there are just too quick (5-7 minutes per battle). I see that Medieval II is on Summer sale so I am considering to switch to a better TW title.

Question : is the battle pace better in M2 than WH ?

Question : does M2 have functional Fantasy MODs ?


  • froloffrolof Registered Users Posts: 363
    I will tell you my point of view of Medieval 2 Total war. Everyone has their own view on what they think so no one can tell you exactly if you should or should not.

    I think you should focus on the newer titles to begin with. Medieval 2 is really slow and sluggish and suffers from slow combat movements and confusing campaign mechanics with no real explanation (explanation is the games biggest problem, I will get to that). The game is developed on the Rome: Total war (classic) engine which had numerous issues that are mostly related to combat (This is my experience only). Sieges had it tough as if for example a unit routed on the walls, they froze completely and didn't run away, which personally bothered me a lot.

    Regarding what I said regarding explanation, the game doesn't explain Abilities, unit attribute contexts and much more like agents or diplomatic things. For example, a unit can have a context that says "Has excellent morale", but what is excellent morale? Where's the morale stat in the game? It doesn't exist. You won't ever know what morale stats they have (I recently found that in the game files morale = mental. If you wanna ever check that). You wonder what Warcry and Rally does? Tough luck, no explanations. You might find that many people try to explain these abilities but they can't, it's only the "I think it does..." which doesn't help at all. I struggled a lot to deal with that as I have no idea what is good and what is not and most people seem to just deal with it. Wonder what Mechants do? Tough luck, you need to google it. I had to google it at least to find out what it actually does.

    However, the game is a great place for MODS. Fantasy? They got it (Third age, BOTET) boost vanilla? They got it too (I don't know any names, I just now I have seen them). Personally I play BOTET (a Warhammer mod). It has an amazing setting with absolutely fantastic battles that can go really crazy and Cinematic-ish with good voice acting (aside for lizardmen...). I never play vanilla as it's redundant to me.

    I hope this gave you an insight, and if you have anyone that can explain the questions and troubles that I have with the game that I wrote down on this post. Please send them to me.
  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 257
    Ok - thanks for the elaborate feedback. I also found a demo version of the game and indeed it doesn't live up to expectations... It is a pity that they cannot perfect the new titles though. Overly focusing on new content whereas small tweaks could make the more recent titles from good to excellent.

    By the way - if they do manage to tweak the game, I'd be happy to invest as a recurrent customer. but not now, not just yet...
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