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Smaller armies suggestion

MadaeMadae Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 187
I was thinking about how these games typically force you to always have a max stack army instead of more numerous smaller armies that you would think should be more typical since the larger you get, the more land you have to defend and would need to spread out to keep under wraps... but the game(s) don't really work like that, as PO bonuses, especially in the newer games, are a lot easier to handle and keep secure, so really the only thing you're worried about is whether or not a faction on your borders decides to backdoor you without warning.

But, to get to the point, I was thinking about maybe upkeep penalties for larger armies, and a bonus for smaller armies, like less than 10 units, thereby letting you field more armies all around with your income if you wanted to stay more spread out, at the cost of smaller armies having some difficulty (obviously) with an enemy that decides to bring a large, full stack army.

I suppose this would work a lot better if it was a little more difficult to keep a growing population happy, though I guess it then becomes a fine line of being irritating when you're dealing with constant rebellions or have to be worried about whether or not it will rebel in the first place.

In short, smaller armies that eventually meet up to form a larger attack force sounds more appealing to me than setting up a super army with the best units that can handle anything at any time.


  • BrynjarKBrynjarK Registered Users Posts: 416
    But.... this is not semi-war... this is total war!
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,374
    Limited armies is meant to be for the AI, before Rome 2 we could have as many fleets and armies as we wanted. AI couldn't handle it and often would move single units about.

    Before was common to have your own created garrisons for the borders or key locations. Again AI struggled with this.
  • mightygloinmightygloin Registered Users Posts: 2,570
    There should at least be an option in campaign to set the max unit number per army. Something like 10 units per army could make a different and fun gameplay.
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