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Make sieges more interesting

oksb338oksb338 Registered Users Posts: 3
The siege mechanic in this game is honestly the most dull of any total war game i have ever played, here is why:

Ladders is not something everyone should be walking around with. i think making it so that ladders always takes at least a turn to assemble would be awesome.

Building on top of the ladder issue Siege towers could be made a much bigger part of some sieges, by making tier V cities have "tall walls". making it impossible for ladders to be used. Sound familiar? Total war Medival 2, this was done.

Artillery in siege is weird: honestly there are so many things i don't understand about artillery in siege battles. Artillery pieces cannot be placed so that they can't be bombarded by towers, i have never tried that a tower was destroyed by artillery, once have i seen a wall break (because a had 5 units great cannons hammering it).
Artillery were historically made for sieges, but in this game the only useful pieces of artillery are the ones that can shoot over the wall...

Grids on walls, i don't understand why i can't place units on the walls as i please, they snap into some stupid grid which in honestly don't understand the purpose of.

Wall stairs (defenders side), thy aren't the stairs of the walls more prominent as they where in Rome 2, this made it possible to make sure that armies couldn't just run into the city, i.e. a small fix to units routing into the city and regaining control.

Now there are several more problems with sieges of total war, in my opinion. but these are some of the things i cannot fathom haven't already been addressed

I'm sorry i wen't on a bit of a rant, but these problems have annoyed me for some time now, and since most of the problems i have was better made i earlier TW games, i had to let it out somewhere.


  • HorseWithNoNameHorseWithNoName Registered Users Posts: 1,001
    1. While pocket ladders are not that good for immersion, with the other mechanics in place in TWW (a lot of units being able to attack the gate for example), ladders that take a turn to construct would imo not be worth it anyway. Moreover (also regarding your second point on siege towers), having less entry points into the city could be really abusive against the AI when you have magic in the game. In Med2, the prime tactic to win a siege was to blob the AI around one of the few entry points and punish that with missile units (also very immersion breaking). In TWW, you now have aoe spells which would make such a tactic even better.
    2. Also comparing with Med2, where arty had longer range than the defensive towers, the prime tactic to win was to click those arty units on the gate/a wall and click fast forward, then, when you made an entrance, try to get the AI to stand in front of the hole and fire through the hole (fast forward again). A lot of time was consumed just because the best way to win a battle was to let your arty shoot all its ammunition first (also immersion breaking). CA tried to not make this the best strategy and I think having towers with longer range than arty is an overall improvement to sieges.
    3. About grids on walls and teleporting down the walls, these were most likely introduced because CA could not get the pathing on walls good enough to not be annoying to deal with (even with these changes there are still hiccups from time to time). I am guessing with the knock-back on some spells (e.g. bombardments) and attacks (inf characters) mixing around formations on walls now more than in historic titles and units on walls always having some pathing issues iirc, this was probably for the better overall.
  • cupcakeeecupcakeee Registered Users Posts: 31
    I kinda want Skaven to have the feature where they can run over walls. Make every other race (especially manlings and dwarfs) have to build equipment, but Skaven should just be able to scamper over like it's the ground. This is closer to the lore, and inspired by sequences in Vermintide 2.

    Also, why not moats? This is exactly why moats were utilized. Put a ring of water around your walls, and no equipment can sally through.
  • TheAridTheArid Registered Users Posts: 75
  • doclumbagodoclumbago Registered Users Posts: 1,784
    Sieges are boring. Maps are repetitive.
    There are 1001 threads with good ideas. CA please implement some of them
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Registered Users Posts: 4,092
    edited July 2018
    Get the GCCM map packs and play those. They are better than anything CA made for sieges. Huge shame CA left half of the gameplay in such a state.
  • ThierryVilmartThierryVilmart Registered Users Posts: 119

    Sieges are boring. Maps are repetitive.
    There are 1001 threads with good ideas. CA please implement some of them

    I just said the same thing in a new thread.


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