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Artifacting and crashing on both campaign and battle maps. plz halp!

PopeSwagstormPopeSwagstorm Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1

I'm getting some intense artifacting and I'm completely lost on how to fix it.
Here's some screencaps of it.

This is build 1.4.1. I have uninstalled my mods and even then I have checked this on my WHTW1 and it also happens.
These black sections of terrain only appear for half a second but it will keep appearing and sometimes go crazy and freeze up my game, black screen it or just straight crash it.

I have tried changing my settings, validating it, reinstalling it, removing all the mods, clean installing graphics drivers, EmptyStandbyList, swapping DX11/12 and so far no go. Please someone have a fix for this.


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