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Stutter, Lag, Crash fix

MisterMister Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 32
edited October 2018 in Technology
I recently had a problem that I managed to fix. I just want to let everyone know and report it CA (if they notice it) so they might be able to do something or NVIDIA.. (I don't know who really to report it to)

When I was playing Total War Warhammer 2, my game was crashing, lagging, and stuttering heavily.
I noticed on task manager, the game was sucking up A LOT or almost all of my ram.
On task manager, it was taking about 7GB of memory and 22GB or higher of my confined memory.

Revert back to the old Nvidia Driver update.
(I personally went to the Aug 27 driver update because I knew at that time it definitely worked)

Apparently the new nvidia driver update screwed my total war up but some of my other games were fine.

Specs (Just for those who will ask if my computer is not up for total war...)
I7 8700k
GTX 1080
ballistix DDR4-2400 2X8GB


Dx Diag: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rq6fjrx7a32b4ge/DxDiag.txt/file
The problem still continues even with the newer drivers.
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  • SaltwaterSaltwater Registered Users Posts: 5
    yes same with me
    GeFroce GTX 1080
    NVidia Driver 411.70
    i5 8600K CPU @ 3,60 GHz
    15,95 GB RAM

    everything went fine yesterday today installed the new nvidia driver update and getting the same issues as mentioned above, and when trying to play multiplayer campagin game crashes.

    dont know wtf nvidia did with that driver update
  • MisterMister Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 32
    I still have the same problem even with the newer drivers, so I am still using the 399.07 Nvidia GTX1080 driver. I'm going to upload my DxDiag if it helps. I hope this problem doesn't persist when I have to update my drivers for the newer games. I would have to switch my drivers back and forth just to play Total War Warhammer 2. :/

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