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i5 3350p upgrade to i7 3370 is worth for Warhammer 2?

arczivarcziv Posts: 3Registered Users
edited October 2018 in Technology
I would like to mention my aged i5 3350p to i7 3370 from lga 1155 (best i7 on this socket with non "K").
Does anyone know if I feel any significant difference in Total War: WARHAMMER II or normal computer use?

My already set:

GTX 1060 3GB Gigabyte
i5 3350p
GA B75-D3V
G1 600W
SSD Intel 128GB



  • RazmirthRazmirth Posts: 2,189Registered Users
    edited October 2018
    Any CPU upgrade for total war is a good thing. They are heavy CPU hogs due to so many models on screen at a time. My set up is

    I5 6600k overclocked to 4.4ghz
    Gtx 980ti
    8gb ram
    256 Gb SSD

    ANd my game still lags like hell zoomed if I’m playing with more than 2 stacks in a battle. Especially if Its skaven vs skaven or something ludicrous like that. My FPS drops from 65-70 all the way down to 30 if I zoom in on huge battles.

    So your processor is a good start. But what’s your budget man? I7 3370 is fairy outdated now, and only offers 20-30 percent performance boost over your current CPU.

    An I7 7700k cpu will outpreform your current CPU by 70 or more percent, and brand new is 400-450 American. You can probably go to amazon or newegg and find it cheaper, since the i9 just dropped and people are scrambling to get money together by selling their old cpus off. Try to find one not used for over clocking too much, or even find a new one on discount.

    When it comes to computer parts, if you can wait one more month and save for that GPU or CPU that outperforms the one you have In mind substantially, always save. It’s a 2-3 year investment usually, so waiting a bit longer to save an extra 100-200 bucks is worth it. Heck pick up one extra work shift for 1 day and you got your better CPU there.

    Your GPU isn’t bad. It’s not mind blowing but it’s not bad. It’ll get you through for a bit, but the CPU is probably your biggest bottleneck right now for sure.

    But you did mention u cant use K chips. That sucks. But the advice is still the same really. There’s a massive difference in faster CPU speeds. At least that’s what I think you are asking!
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 5,157Registered Users
    It's a very small upgrade, will probably make for less than 10% real life boost. The hypertreading will not help a lot in games or normal use and you can't overclock the non-k version. If you can get it for less than 50$, yep, but otherwise just save up for a whole system upgrade.
  • arczivarcziv Posts: 3Registered Users
    edited October 2018
    Thank You for reply, I and dont have much money now, just want asking if i upgrade my cpu this does any matter to performance?

    I can buy i7 3370 for 114$
    And sell my CPU for 54$
    So I Invest only 60$ for 30% performance, is worth?
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 5,157Registered Users
    arcziv said:

    Thank You for reply, I and dont have much money now, just want asking if i upgrade my cpu this does any matter to performance?

    I can buy i7 3370 for 114$
    And sell my CPU for 54$
    So I Invest only 60$ for 30% performance, is worth?

    It's not 30% performance. It's like 20% in multicore theoretical benchmarks


    The only real life advantages are 100Mhz frequency boost and hyperthreading. The higher clock could *maybe* make for 10% higher framerate at low resolution, and the extra virtual cores will help you in streaming or in video editing. That's all.
  • RazmirthRazmirth Posts: 2,189Registered Users
    Yeah like @Xenos7 said, the difference wouldn’t be very noticeable, if at all. An extra 5 FPS is hardly worth it.

    If I were you I’d just save for a better processor. There are a few that are not k chips maybe you could try them out.

    If not, bite the bullet and get a new MOBO. I got mine on sale for 150, and it handles skylake chips. The only regret I have is not buying a bigger case. They are cheap as hell but I really don’t want to rewire everything.....
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 5,157Registered Users
    Why not k? The whole point of intel CPU is overclock. If you don't want to do that just buy AMD. They are cheaper and you won't notice the difference at stock speed.
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,485Registered Users
    The K would be an upgrade, but probably too expensive for the value.
  • RazmirthRazmirth Posts: 2,189Registered Users
    He also said his MOBO doesn’t allow K, for some reason, so that’s why I suggest elsewise.

    But CPUs are a good price right now. I7s are going for under 450 which is fantastic. I’m considering buying a new one myself. But then I gotta install it, which is thankfully easy but nerve wracking when I do it.
  • arczivarcziv Posts: 3Registered Users
    What do you think about i3 8100? would it be better for this i5 3350p?
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