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If it is true.....

Phalanx109Phalanx109 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 32
There was an article about the devs putting together an expansion to overhaul one of the older total war titles. Based on what I read on these forums, I am starting to think it might be true. If it is not at the very least I have given the devs an accurate problem sheet for two of my favorite total war games. Medieval total war II and Empire total war/Napolean total war. Developers if your planning on doing anything like this with these two games, I will point out some issues. These issues are based on fact not bias. One of the items that make total war so great is the ability to customize and build an empire at your own speed.

Empire total war issues
- The first is a old bug in the code. I call it the firebug. If you destroy a section of a fort, and it catches fire, it can slow your game to a crawl. Note this is not computer graphics issues. I have a relatively new Alienware gaming pc. This bug appeared in the expansions for Rome total war, the one true Rome total war.

- The second issue is movement by the AI inside a fort with units. They either get stuck, or they won't man the cannons, or sometimes the enemy will float right through the gate, if your men are stationed too close. It takes creative thinking to correctly complete a fort battle due to these issues.

- The Galleon. I understand the galleon being overpowering for the pirates, otherwise, they would be no threat what so ever. This ship needs to be toned down in an auto battle to that of a fourth rate ship of the line for all non pirate factions. Currently, in a auto battle this ship sits in between that of a first rate ship of the line and a second rate ship of the line.

- Another issue the American missions involving the French and Indian war do at random times crash the game.

- Another issue that is common in total war games. Is certain factions being given a overpowering win factor in auto battles, and in AI vrs AI battles. These factions are the Maratha Confederacy, the worse offender of them all. If you do not restrain this faction at the outset, it goes on to engulf all of Europe, and even launch invasions on North American. Neither of these acts is historically accurate. The second biggest offender Poland Lithuania. For once I would like to be up against a Prussian Empire. The last is a mix between Austria and the Ottoman. Again it would be nice to be facing off against some real powers like Prussia, Russia, or France. Sadly all three of those are delegated to being conquered easily by the afore mentioned factions. It is clear there is an in balance here.

- Now comes the Artillery. For several days I studied historical records on 1700s and 1800s artillery, including how Napoleon used his Artillery. Not as easy you might think as most articles wanted to talk about the man not his military prowess. I learned to use artillery like this in Empire and Napoleon total war. The problem is in Napoleon total war field artillery was made arcade not historical. On several occasions, my artillery would hit a group of men accurately, and precisely. The result they would simply get up and keep moving. I can tell you such use of artillery would leave those men broken and missing limbs, as well as other body parts. I found in Empire total war the artillery missed allot, but given the era that made historical sense, but when it hit a formation head on those men stayed down. Recommend you take a more Empire total war approach with Artillery. Napoleon total war was too arcade with field artillery

-Lastly for Empire total war. The cheat sheet. The ability for the player to spawn endless amounts of Generals. An army should be restrained to no more than four generals. Thats three brigades of infantry with a brigade of horse. Also another cheat the AI being able to run right through a players army sphere of attack, without the player getting an option to attack them. Well that's a wrap for one of the best total wars ever created. All it needs mostly is some fixes and tweaking.

Now onto Medieval total war II

-Three issues both are simple and issue to fix. The Timurids need to be removed from the game. I found no information historically on this faction. This leads me to believe it was a made up faction. The problem is like the confederacy it is given a huge huge win buff in auto battles, and against AIs. Every time they show up, it just ruins the feel of the game. It becomes a two faction war, which really isn't total war. The second issue is the city of Jerusalem needs a historic overhaul for that era. Instead of a standard generic map. Lastly for both Empire total war and Medieval total war II, an option to remove the clock. So if one choose they can keep playing the game, customizing, and trying out new things to there hearts content. Any person can rush men non stop to win, that is hardly using the brain.

Now comes the controversial point. Please do not add the Rome total war II food basket aspect to these classic total war games. Though it was historically accurate, I can not argue with that. It made the game a rush fest, because of the AIs ability to do things that the player could not. Mainly if a faction had one settlement left they still managed to spam multiple fully stacked armies. As a player cannot do that without multiple territories. The food set up for Rome total war II just created imbalance and a massive handicap aimed at the player.

Well I said everything I came to say. I hope the rumor is true but in either case the blue print should be there.


  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,370
    When was this article published? Last I saw of something like that was the Rome 2 tweaks.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 7,876
    I'd be happy if they went back to Shogun 2 and added an Okinawan Clan. I'd certainly buy that.

    Generally though I think it's a great idea, considering how well the AoK update factions sold, I'd be well up for it.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,096
    No need to update the old Medieval 2.

    We need new Medieval 3!
  • Phalanx109Phalanx109 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 32
    I was looking for something else when I ran across it. On the internet that does not mean much, and I understand that. In the off chance that it was true. I wanted to put down the issues with those two total wars. I play them both regularly when I play total war games. Medieval 3 would scare me, given what they did with Rome II.
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