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I7 7700k worth it?

RazmirthRazmirth Registered Users Posts: 2,226
So I currently have an i5 6600k overclocked to 4.4ghz. Does great.

However, I know tww2 is very cpu driven. I picked up another 8 go of ram to bring me up to 16, which has made a fairly large difference in smoothing everything out much More.

But the i7 7700k is the best CPU my MOBO allows. But online it says it only offers about 30-50 percent better performance, mainly from multi threads and what not.

Will it impact my game a huge amount if I upgrade to 7700k? Or will the difference be mostly unnoticeable?


  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,030
    I would never pay that kind of money to upgrade an old board. The overclock headroom on the 7700k is a lot smaller than the 6600k, so your actual performance gain is going to be very minor in single thread performance.

    You'd get a bump, bit it wont be a big one unless you can manage a much higher overclock. The extra threads aren't that huge a boost. If you've got a 1080 Ti, maybe you'd manage 10% more fps at 1080p, but if you're doing 4k, it's inconsequential because your video card is working a lot slower and so doesn't need as much cpu time for the interactions. You basically have to under utilize a very powerful graphics card, in order to out perform the 6600k with it.

    It might shave a decent bit of time off turn times though, but compared to an 8700k, or the new ones coming out, you'd get a much larger time reduction. Better to put that $300 towards a new machine in a couple years when you've got serious improvements to make.
  • RazmirthRazmirth Registered Users Posts: 2,226
    edited November 2018
    @psychoak thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, I don’t wanna upgrade my MOBO which will force me to drop even more cash on a new Gen CPU. And I really don’t fancy spending 500 bucks on an i7 7700k for a 10 percent boost.

    My i5 6600k overclocked has been great. especially since all my other games run fantastic. It’s just TWW2 that sucks any and all power out of my build. I don’t think I’ve ever played such a freaking resource sucking game In my 20 years of pc gaming.

    And I don’t have a 1080ti, I have a 980ti. I want to pick up a 1080ti since many enthusiasts are dumping theirs for cheaper right now. But I don’t even know if my CPU will even support that sort of build. On top of the fact that most people say 1080ti are overkill for most games, especially since I only run 1080p.
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,030
    Definitely overkill for 1080p. I have one, with a 2500k, super overkill, but I'm running at 1440p, and bought the card with plans to use it in a new computer next year. It's certainly cpu bound for me, would perform just fine with a 6600k, but really not neccessary unless you upgrade your display.
  • GreenKing1GreenKing1 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 639
    7700k is not worth it for the price. You can get an 8600k for ~ $240 (amazon) and get a new z370 motherboard for ~ $100.
  • RazmirthRazmirth Registered Users Posts: 2,226
    edited November 2018

    7700k is not worth it for the price. You can get an 8600k for ~ $240 (amazon) and get a new z370 motherboard for ~ $100.

    The MOBO I can find local new for 130 canandian which isn’t bad. Granted if I get one I’m not looking forward to having to rewire it all again. Lol. But luckily it’s just unplugging stuff and plugging back in.

    But yeah...the processor is the thing I gotta save for. I find it insane that an i7 7700k is 500 dollars brand new, yet the 8700k is actually a bit cheaper and outperforms.

    I don’t know what is with computer parts these days. Back in the day a new part would replace the old one, and prices would go down by at least half. But now days you have old parts worth the same as they were when they came out. It’s kind of insane.

    But I think you’re right on checking out amazon. Heck I saw an i9 special edition processor for sale on kijiji the other day for 450. Guy had it less than a year and wants to upgrade. There’s always good deals online. My gtx 980ti was 300 online. Guy used it for 1-2 years and upgraded. It was the best investment I’ve ever made into a GPU.

    Especially since most parts will last upwards of 5-10 years as long as you’re not data mining or blowing your overclocks to ludicrous temps and burning your parts out.
  • GreenKing1GreenKing1 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 639
    Well Amazon stuff is brand new, unless you go into the market place. It's where I get most my stuff, except for GPU's. I get my GPU's on ebay, got a 1070 in summer for £250 (~$320) on there, they are even cheaper now.

    The reason I suggested 8600k is because it has similar performance to the 8700k in gaming. The 8700k is way overpriced at the moment too.

    I like the fact that parts are holding their value, great for future upgrades.
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