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Historical battles as Horatio Nelson/Great Britain

HoratioNelsonHoratioNelson Registered Users Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Napoleon: Total War
Hi, I'm hoping to get the attention of the developers with this thread, part of the fun of playing historical battles is playing as your favourite historical icons, like Horatio Nelson, at their most brilliant moments and as it is you can only play the battles of the Nile and Trafalgar as the French. I know the overall theme of Napoleon is overturning history in his favour, but you can play as great Britain at Waterloo so I think it only makes sense that there's an update that allows you to play as Nelson at Trafalgar and the Nile.

I am aware that you can play as Nelson if you mess around with the multiplayer and host a private game vs the CPU but I'd honestly rather not go through the rigmarole given that you really should be able to play it from the historical battles screen.

Thanks for reading, if anyone else has any comments, complaints about what I've said or additions of things they'd like to see go ahead.

P.S. I'd definitely like to see the battles of Jena and Auerstadt in a full DLC update, that'd be cool.


  • HoratioNelsonHoratioNelson Registered Users Posts: 2
    The battles of Leipzig and Marengo would also be great.

    And another simple change I'd like to see is the Toulon campaign and the siege of Toulon being playable outside of Tutorial mode. Surely it wouldn't be difficult to add the Siege of Toulon to Historical Battles without any tutorial on it?
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