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Weird discrepancy with supply limits between MP and SIngle Player

sacuraksacurak Registered Users Posts: 10
I noticed today after playing with my friend in MP a large discrepancy with he supply limit mechanic between single player and multiplayer.

I play on very hard exclusively, and in single player I'm pretty used to the 15 percent upkeep increase when recruiting another general.

So i was surprised to find out that in Multiplayer, also playing on very hard, the upkeep increase for another general is only a 2 percent increase.

Me and my friend are playing coop i will add, I didn't test out head to head today, but i thought that was really weird. Not sure that is working as intended.

I find coop to already inherently be easier then playing single player so I'm not sure why the supply limit penalty would be even more lax in MP coop then it would be in single player.

Not playing with any mods, and playing on the ME map.

A response from the dev's would be much appreciated. Just very curious if this is working as intended, and if so why?


  • MakoTheMakoMakoTheMako Registered Users Posts: 1,246
    What? I'm pretty sure 2% is standard.

    die about it

  • sacuraksacurak Registered Users Posts: 10
    On very hard, in single player, its 15 percent. i just double checked, its been 15 percent for as long as i can remember.
  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Registered Users Posts: 8,984
    2% is for normal.

    Sounds like a bug.

    Hard is 7. VH 15
    It needs to be pointed out that what people call "cheese" is just playing the game the way it actually exists not in some fictional way they think it is supposed to work.
  • sacuraksacurak Registered Users Posts: 10
    Yah that's what i thought too. I suppose ill report it on the bug forum.

    Single player works as intended. The bug if for MP.

    Don't play enough MP to know whether it was a mistake. never really noticed it before.
  • PixeldiktatorPixeldiktator Registered Users Posts: 143
    That's because MP campaign difficulty is always normal afaik. Although you can change the difficulty to something like very hard, this shouldn't have an effect on something like AI buffs etc.
    The reason for this is if one player has a different difficulty that these things don't overlap, so the only thing that changes is your own units upkeep, your own public order, etc.
    Stuff like for example the amount of chaos armies spawned during the invasion are always on normal or have a separate MP difficulty, which however is almost very close to normal.
    I assume supply lines is managed via a script, so it's probably intended (although it could definitely be improved, no question)
  • sacuraksacurak Registered Users Posts: 10
    By that logic, shouldn't your supply limit also be properly applied? It effects only your own unit upkeep, has nothing to do with the other player, i can understand things like chaos spawn being normalized.

    But supply limit modifier has nothing to do with the other player.
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