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IncendioIncendio Posts: 48Registered Users
Which kind of people play Total War games? Are they familiar with military history? Before I purchased Empire Total War I had already read two books covering naval warfare in 17th century and 18th century (Four Days Battle of 1666 and Trafalgar campaign of 1805). Before purchasing Napoleon Total War, I had already seen some documentaries about Waterloo, Austerlitz, Borodino and read some articles about Nile Battle and a book of Napoleonic Wars. I admit that I have Shogun 2 but still I have to read some books about the period.

In other strategy games/tactical simulators I know about people with very good knowledge of the military period of the game, just as an example, in Scourge of War Waterloo there are players with outstanding knowledge of Napoleonic Warfare, even some of them knows every single detail of Waterloo battle. Regarding the naval tactical/strategy simulators "Jutland" and "Distant Guns" there are players with good knowledge about the naval warfare of the period, I read some stuff of naval warfare in Russo-Japanese war.

Do you think Total War players, at least those who play historical titles, have a good knowledge of the military history of the periods they are playing?


  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 18,633Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    Probably, but I don't think it is the draw to folks wanting to play the game once they've been introduced to what can be done. I love Empire TW, warts and all. Have close to 4k hours (recorded) with it, and have an active game now. It is just an interesting game to pass the time with.

    I'm a historical buff and have been since I was six and got involved in history around the world. As long as the game is historical in context I doubt a knowledge of the militaryhistory needs to be there to enjoy the game(s).

    Just a personal thought on my part.
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  • samojasamoja Posts: 50Registered Users
    Before i started playing Rome i had no idea about History apart from what i had to learn in school, but this sorts of games are really good in what we call tangential learning, so now i know a lot more about history then i knew then, simply because i wanted to know about all those things i was encountering in TW and similar games.
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