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Unit and Campaign Suggestion for Wood Elves Factions

BarbaricnerdBarbaricnerd Registered Users Posts: 1
edited November 2018 in Feedback & Suggestions
I would like to say that one of my favorite factions in Warhammer fantasy would be that of the wood elves' tree-like cousins; however, upon playing hours upon hours of campaigns it always felt like something was missing.

After my brief plunge into Age of Sigmar, I had discovered my problem. Despite being a forest spirit faction I still had to rely on pesky elves for ranged damage. I would propose bringing the Kurnoth Hunters into the game. They would serve a similar role to that of the Ushabti in the tomb kings roster, bringing two units into play. One would be a skilled melee unit and the other a unit with heavy ranged capabilities. Although the lore here is beyond me, It would be something I would gladfully pay for to spice up the roster.

I would also like to state that although enjoyable the Wood Elf Mortal Empires Campaign feels less themetaical and unique.

Thank you for your time and consideration! :)


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