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Wood elves attrition and recruitment capacity bug in Mortal Empires

DairenDairen Registered Users Posts: 8
Hello, this is my first post on the forum, after submitting a ticket to Sega regarding a different bug I was sent to this forum, and am not aware if another topic with these subjects has been posted.

I'm playing a Mortal Empires - Wood Elves campaign, and I have invested amber in several technologies, including the recruitment capacity of +4 and the greenskin one, which grants immunity to any type of attrition, to all armies. Now the first thing I noticed is that , even after obtaining the +4 recruitment capacity tech and having invested on skill point into another +1 recruitment capacity for both Orion and another Lord, they can't recruit more than 3 units at any given time, and after the Pirates of Sartosa conquered a region next to me ( where Broken Nose and clan Angrund reside ) and have declared war on me, I proceeded to attack them , only to notice that I was taking mist attrition on their territory ( whatever that is ) even though I researched the corresponding technology for attrition.

If anyone could kindly advise me on how to proceed, or provide me with any insight on a similar topic on which I may find the answers, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance !


  • OtjenynOtjenyn Registered Users Posts: 279
    edited November 2018
    It's due to cursed mist, that is bugged
  • DairenDairen Registered Users Posts: 8
    Thank you so much for answering ! Yes, I finished the campaign in the meantime, still the immunity to all attrition of the wood elves doesn't seem to apply to ''all'', I mean plague attrition from the Skaven also seems to apply, but other than that I sorted it out, but thanks anyway man !

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