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Medieval Total War 2 Windows 10 issue

warrad90warrad90 Registered Users Posts: 2

I have been playing MTW2 for couple of days on Windows 10 without a problem until yesterday. When I turned the game on it gave me a message that more compatible version of Windows is to be installed 2000 or later.

The game is on a CD and naturally I have a CD key. I am not connected to the Steam nor do I have an account.

I have been going over various posts and none of the suggested solutions seem to work. Some people are suggesting that if game Is bought via Steam that this issue is fixed. I really don't want to do that since I already own the game.

Another suggestion is to change windows properties in the set up file. That does not work for me either.

Those two solutions seem to be the only suggestions that float around.

If you know the solution, please help me.



  • CapricornianGoatCapricornianGoat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 41
    edited November 2018
    Here's an old link that may help you.


    I also have the disk version (before the steam version came out). I also encountered many of the issues mentioned and finally I ran out of patience and re-installed Windows 7 and M2TW and the patches. So now I'll just have a PC dedicated to M2TW and any other older games not be compatible with Windows 10.

    Everything is working well for me. Sometimes it will err when you start (when trying to get to the M2tw website) - so I'll just ignore its attempt and click back on the M2TW icon on the task bar and the fun begins :)
  • warrad90warrad90 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks for responding. After restarting several times for some reason game worked without a problem. I am not really sure what I did, but now it works.

    Having separate computer just for Windows 7 games might not be such a bad idea. If this persists I will probably do that. 😊
  • iceniiicenii Senior Member The PhilippinesRegistered Users Posts: 1,373
    You could also create an account on Steam and use the CD key you already have too activate it.
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  • Babu_the_BoldheartBabu_the_Boldheart Registered Users Posts: 2
    i was given shogun 2 discs i just used code on game box to verify on steam
    the game was added freely to my account no repurchase needed.... i didn't even have to put the cd in.

    i found a you tube video on how to do so, it its pretty simple!, also if your game is already installed on your pc you can use the add non steam game for that.

    hope that helps

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