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Total War: WARHAMMER II - Reinforcement Beta feedback thread



  • ScrashScrash Registered Users Posts: 1
    *Reinforcements should now enter the battlefield from the expected direction.

    I can't understand how it works with sieges of settlements. For example there is still a problem with random Reinforcements arrival in Atel Loren map and other wood-elfs cities...
  • Demonking96Demonking96 Registered Users Posts: 1
    a enemy army attacks me with another on HIS back, but in the batlle the reinforcement come after me. that´s the opposite direction!
  • AstroCatAstroCat Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 404
    Should we still be running this beta? With the VC DLC and patches?
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  • epic_159735136738IwYF94sepic_159735136738IwYF94s Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited December 2018
    I want to ask the same that AstroCat. Is this still needed?
    PLEASE answer.
    EDIT: Already answered in other post. This Beta seems to be included in the new update.
  • jagaru1jagaru1 Registered Users Posts: 1
    This still seems broken on the coast beta. I keep having enemy reinforcements spawn behind my starting position and my reinforcements behind the enemy's starting position, despite their positions on the world map pre-battle. Really not fun being forced into a Wood Elf cross-fire in which artillery becomes useless as the crews are always in range of arrow fire and immediately die.
  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 365

    What is this BETA test about ? Will reinforcements also be possible in Multiplayer and Custom battles ?
  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 365
  • epic_160095107267RzXYm7Mepic_160095107267RzXYm7M Registered Users Posts: 360
    Played as vampire Counts standard / slow difficulty.

    Felt like I had no economy even when I owned x5 provinces stacked mainly on income construction.

    I had x3 armies with a lot of zero upkeep skeletons.

    Felt like I was.going to have to own a lot more provinces before I could field many new units.

    After about 80 turns stopped and went back to the original.

    I think the economy needs work.

    Having to own massive landmass but with no armies to defend, with slow movement. Just not really fun.

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