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Total War: Warhammer 40k... would it work?



  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Posts: 10,502Registered Users
    Commisar said:

    Abmong said:

    I think you're being too nitpicky... In DoW you got servitors to build your bases and no one was complaining there. Besides, what you "build" doesn't necessarily have to be buildings but social structures like "build" recruiting ground could just mean setting up a recruitment network to get +1 exp on newly recuited units etc. Besides TW:WH factions shouldn't be building from scratch either since those "buildings" would have already been built way before the game started.

    There's a difference between building a field camp and a city. Space Marines do have servitors, they are akin to their engineers.

    Again for most groups that doesn't work. They aren't conquering worlds to recruit from their population for the most part. Only the Tau would work for that.

    It's not just "recruiting" units that you have in TW but all the other elements such as public order, tax, industry, resources and research. This doesn't fit for groups unless you have it not be "space marines" but be the "Imperium" and then Space marines just become a special army they can recruit.

    Some should, but over the time period they would still build up, they are governors of local regions. 40k it's not a government but armies and most of them aren't interested in the buildings.
    you realize that most of those complains are totally ignored by TW WH right?
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