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What am I doing wrong???

PyroviusPyrovius Posts: 1Registered Users
Ok so I just recently started playing Medieval 2 and Im enjoying it so far, However almost every battle I fight I end up with upwards of to 100-300 casualties. Im on easy difficulty and I cant imagine what Im possibly doing wrong. To further my dispair I watch some Total War Youtubers such as LegendofTotalWar and also Pixelated Apollo who seem tonget out of every fight with about 50 or less casualties on Very hard. (LegendofTotalWar more than Apollo) I could follow their tactics almost exact and still come out with many casualties.. Can some one explain to me why this is??


  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 18,517Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    Don't worry about it. As you go further with the game you'll pick up the tricks of the trade, so to speak. Each campaign does have a lot of variation so just expect differences in battle results.
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    I am assuming you are just starting on the game so give these tips a try.

    You will need to know the strengths of your units: spears and pikes have bonus against cavalry. Archers can be used to pepper enemies with their flaming arrows which affects the morale of the enemy unit. Archers though are poor melee units. Swordsmen are very good melee units. Cavalry are powerful units but do not let them charge spears or pikes.
    On the battlefield do not let your units stray by themselves and get picked off by the enemy. Units get alarmed and lose morale when their flanks are exposed. Position your army on a hill. The enemy will get tired charging uphill. In the same way, try not to charge uphill as your army will get exhausted faster and may flee.

    For your army, form a line of spears or pikemen as they have bonuses against cavalry. Maybe four or five of them. Support them with swordsmen when melee begins. At the back of the spearmen and swordsmen position your archers - four or five of them. Let them use flaming arrows . When the enemy attacks your flanks use your cavalry to charge them. I like having 8 cavalry units - 4 on each side. You can also use the cavalry on fleeing enemy units. If your army is commanded by a general, make sure he does not have any negative attributes that affect the morale of the troops. As you win battles, your troops gain experience that makes them better fighters.

    For your cities, build and upgrade your blacksmiths and other buildings that will give bonuses to your troops. Build walls so your cities can withstand sieges better. Do not tax the people so much that they become unhappy.

    OK.These are the first ones that came to mind. It should be enough to get you going. Enjoy!

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