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Total War Gold crashing, no error messages

sooprlolzroflsooprlolzrofl Registered Users Posts: 2
edited December 2018 in MEDIEVAL: Total War
So I bought Medieval: Total War Gold Edition via Steam a couple of weeks ago, and I can't finish a single campaign. No matter what era I pick, the game simply freezes up and quits at a random point (always after I 'end year', when the enemy moves are being made). There are no error messages, no crash reports, nothing. The game just freezes and closes.
I've played with the resolution and nothing works. It should also be noted that in the launch window, on the 'Play' button, it says my drivers may be out of date, but I checked with the Intel program and my drivers are up to date.
Any help?
Edit: re-loading the campaign doesn't work. Still freezes.


  • MadDroidMadDroid Registered Users Posts: 1
    is there an answer to this issue?
    i asked the same question several months ago with no reply
  • sooprlolzroflsooprlolzrofl Registered Users Posts: 2
    Found a fix, if anyone's still interested.

    Go to the campaign video settings and change the map resolution from 800 x 600 to a much higher one. I picked the third-highest resolution, and that solved all problems. No more crashing on big battles.

    Hope this helps.
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