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Creative Assembly's impending doom

LagMasterLagMaster Posts: 1Registered Users
edited December 2018 in Rants and Raves
Gone are the days where DLC's, were bigger, more compact, and much CHEAPER. Before I continue, I just want to point out that I'm not cheap neither am I poor (just check my steam account (LagMaster), I have 5 total war games, all contain DLCs, some including all), but the idea that stripping a texture pack (blood) from the original game, then charging for it is absurd at best. New campaigns are fine to make money from as they contain a different story, and content relative to factions or blood which should be included in the base game.
I or should I say we because this message represents a vast majority of the total war fan base's complaints find the idea that you should charge for something so standard in a WAR GAME such as blood or even factions makes the company look bad, annoys the **** out of your player base, and encourages piracy. Lets face it, you can make something very expensive, but people can always bypass such stuff. (Don't you guys read the reviews for some of your game or DLC's.(Every single blood dlc pack has "mostly negative" reviews)). I would just like to remind you that its the players wallets that put food on your table, or should I say a Benz in your garage. And please, for gods sake, stop dividing the DLC's so you can make more money per each. Total War's are already expensive, and the economy isn't getting better any time soon.

Regards, Nadim, A devoted Total War Player. (notice i didn't say fan)
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  • CogreCogre Senior Member Posts: 2,171Registered Users
    People have been predicting CA's "doom" since med1 came out. Hasn't happened yet.

    While I agree somewhat on the expense of the DLC's I know many who disdain the blood and gore one as too cartoony and irrelevant. Soooooooo why should they be forced to have it if they don't want it.

    And finally as you age you will figure out what's important and what's not. Whining about a $2 bloodpack DLC is not high on the importance list
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  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 4,489Registered Users
    Yes a certain amount of ppl review bomb the blood DLCs. The problem is millions of people buy the games and DLC so I'm pretty sure it isn't affecting sales as much as you think.

    It's a fact that TW games and DLC sell in the millions.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 21,287Registered Users
    If two-fifty is beyond your means you shouldn't be playing videogames in the first place.
  • mightygloinmightygloin Posts: 1,450Registered Users
    İsn't the blood DLC being sold seperately to reduce the age rating of the game? Or this was a myth?
  • TheGreatPamphletTheGreatPamphlet Posts: 173Registered Users
    Nah, it's a myth. It's interesting to note that only some fans used this excuse, but CA consistently refrained from confirming it.


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  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 4,489Registered Users
    I wish I could get excited about £1.99..
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