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Problem whit my fps

BukicBukic Registered Users Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Performance & Graphics

I'm asking if my fps are correct for my computer

My computer specifications are:

CPU intel 4790k 4,00hz
GTX 1070 8G
Nox Urano - Fuente Alimentación VX750 80 Plus Bronce
Gigabyte Z97-HD3 (es el elemento más antiguo del pc).
SSD 250G

The problem is that my fps usually goes down in the campaing map. In some zones my fps is constant 60 fps but
when I change to another zone it suddently change to a 48-55 fps and it makes my screen to delay a litle bit.
I'm in the 200 turn and I've discovered a large part of the map. Are this rangs of fps normal for my computer?
I think that my PC is quite good, isn't it?

In a battle it works between 40-60fps, and sometimes it sloes down to 30fps, but I can play quite good.

All the optioncs are selected in ultra except shadows in high; fog, vsync,unlimited video memory and
screen space reflections are desactivated; antianalising in FXAA; and direct in 11.

I've tried to reinstall drivers, get a high level performance to my PC, and format my PC.

Thank you very much!

I wish you could help me.
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  • CA_HamishCA_Hamish Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, SEGA Posts: 131
    Hi @Bukic

    Thank you for providing the above. In order to fully understand your graphics settings, please could you provide your Dxdiag and preferences.script.

    Some of the major contributory factors to performance can be your resolution, unit sizes and anti-aliasing. Modifying these and deciding on a good balance between quality and performance is up to you. I would recommend staying with FXAA and perhaps reducing your unit size to high to take some strain off the CPU during big clashes.

    If you would like to provide more information, please could you run the benchmarks provided in the front end by clicking Options > Advanced > Benchmarks. There is an output produced at the end of the benchmarks, located: %appdata%\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer2\benchmarks

    Feel free to attach the txt docs.

    CA_Hamish :)
  • CA_HamishCA_Hamish Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, SEGA Posts: 131
    Hi @Bukic

    Thanks for sending that across.

    TL:DR Your settings and FPS from the benchmarks are all averaging at 60fps.

    According to the benchmarks you ran they all got an average of 60fps. I believe this is because of V-Sync. This will cap your average fps as your monitor is also set to 60hz. So this doesn't tell us what your performance can go upto, but does outline that in every benchmark you are getting an average of atleast 60fps which is good!

    In certain extreme situations the fps can lower, depending what is being shown on screen. This is expected. You can really test this by playing around with the Skaven lab and cranking the unit scale up to see the impact.

    I would also recommend disabling Unlimited Video memory. This is a feature for lower VRAM GPU's to use higher texture quality. As the 1070 is 8GB's VRAM, it will never breach the memory budget of that GPU and having it enabled will lower average performance.

    If you would like to see the benefit of playing above 60fps, then upgrading your monitor to a version with a higher refresh rate (such as 144hz) will support fps beyond 60. Furthermore, having G-Sync support on your monitor makes those moments where the fps lowers a bit smoother. Info here: https://developer.nvidia.com/g-sync

    I hope this response has helped!

    CA_Hamish :)

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