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Some Ancillaries not appearing properly

DaggetDagget Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 25
During an Odrysian Kingdom Campaign, I occasionally received notifications about new ancillaries being obtained for my characters. Unfortunately, it seems a number of them never actually are applied to any character, and don't even appear in the available pool. Seems they may have broken triggers or something.

This is a list of the ones I've come across per character, but it's in no way a complete list. I've only tried the Odrysian Kingdom in Grand Campaign so far.

General – Zeira, Greek Turncoat, Gallic Bard, Rhomphaia, Aged Retainer, Personal Tutor, Greek Exile, Drinking Goblet
Champion – Weighted Practice Shield
Spy – Wise Woman, Witch, Courtesan, Famous Courtesan, Dancer, Acinaces
Dignitary: Pet Snake, Fortune Teller

I've seen the update post regarding what the teams are doing, and it mentions an upcoming patch for Rome II this month.
I beg you, please take a look at these. There's few things more frustrating than being reminded about something that's not working correctly throughout the length of a campaign and that someone's work making interesting ancillaries was not completed.


  • DresdenDresden Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 463
    I can confirm this happens with modded versions of the ancillaries as well. Sometimes even captains (garrison commanders) will have an ancillary trigger for them. It seems that various ancillaries will report that they have triggered but not show up at all. Sometimes these ancillaries are even from other campaigns. For example an ancillary from the RoR campaign with a trigger for that campaign specifically will randomly trigger its message in another campaign but not show up in game.
  • DaggetDagget Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 25
    That's a shame.
    Any pointers to what causes this problem?
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