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Content Devs could add for Napoleon

DKoWDKoW Registered Users Posts: 9
While I know these will probably never be done (though with their recent push to add new content into Rome 2 it probably should be done) I thought I'd list some stuff I think could make Napoleon a much better and more fleshed out game.

To begin i believe that Empire could be imported into Napoleon as a sort of expansion, or series of expansions like the Empire Divided expansion in Rome 2. While I love Empire, I can understand that Napoleon is a much more polished game in comparison that fixes a few of the issues Empire had.

More or less, this would be a reskin job and this allows them to create extra scenarios like the Peninsular War they implemented in Napoleon.

For example, the Napoleon campaign map is perfect for several of the European wars of the 1700s, such as The War of the Spanish Succession, The War of Austrian Succession and of course the european theatre of the Seven Years War.

This is not all, they could import the Empire maps for North America and India and create mini campaigns based on them.

For example, the French and Indian War and of course the American Revolutionary War (though I believe the former would need a few extra provinces, while the latter might need a new map entirely to focus only on the Thirteen Colonies and not the wider continent).

Then of course they could focus on other localised wars, like the Great Northern War.

For this war I have a few thoughts the devs could do to bring it to life.

1) the campaign map would only be as far south as the Ukraine and as far West as Denmark

2) Sweden gets a special looking standard line infantry unit that has a mix of Musketeers with a Pike block in the middle (in every battalion at least a third of the men were armed with pikes) which gives the Swedes a more Close Combat focus than ranged.
These units take 2 turns to train and come with a pip of experience. This is to show that the Swedes are pretty good soldiers that can win against all odds (throughout the war they fought outnumbered almost 2:1 in most of their battles and still won) but cannot afford to lose a battle as it'll take a while to rebuild your army (a sort of artificial population cap since CA doesn't want to work with population anymore)

3) this standard unit is only recruitable so long as the Swedish king is on the campaign map. If he dies in battle then that line infantry reverts back to standard line infantry armed with muskets and no experience. The reason for this is because the king was the only person who demanded that soldiers should still use Pikes in his army, even though it took longer to train men to use a Pike compared to the musket.

Anyway, these are some thoughts I had that could spice up Napoleon and add more content to it without too many issues, hopefully. Napoleon Total Wars campaign for whatever reason bores me and I think porting over some of the content of Empire into it might make it a better game overall, especially considering that CA are never going to fix Empire.


  • DKoWDKoW Registered Users Posts: 9
    Adding on from the above, as I can't figure out how to edit it using a mobile, I understand that some will argue that doing all of the above makes Empire totally worthless as a standalone game.

    I won't dispute that, but Empire is a buggy mess of a game without mods and CA has made no effort in the past decade since its release to even try to fix it, probably because they did fix it with Napoleon.

    However, there isn't much point in having two games that essentially do the same thing without any real difference except that one is more buggy than the other. So this would give CA the opportunity to discontinue Empire as a standalone game, port all of its content into Napoleon, and rename Napoleon into Total War: Black Powder.

    This allow CA to sell Empire content (preferably split up into the different wars) as DLC. So this would mean that players can buy the specific war they want to play, such as a French and Indian War DLC, or a Seven Years War DLC that has the whole of the Empire campaign map if they wanted, or the American Revolutionary War DLC and so on, on the provision that those people who bought Empire Total War can get most of the new content free, like they did with the Norsca DLC (at least if they decided to do the Seven Year War mentioned above with the full campaign map for example.

    But changing the name to Total War: Black Powder also frees them up to add new content past the Napoleonic Period, such as the American Civil War, or The Indian Mutiny and Zulu War, for example.

    And if I'm being honest, they don't even really need to do any hard work on the latter periods as modders have already done a lot of work on wars like the American Civil War. All CA has to do is ask the modders if they can make them official content, which I'm sure most would not object to.
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