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The Steel & Statecraft Update



  • ShigawireShigawire Senior Member Norway, BrønnøysundRegistered Users Posts: 4,027
    edited December 2018
    I haven't tried it yet, so I don't have a complete idea how the recruitment system works in practice... or at least I haven't understood it from the little I've read. But, generally, I approve of replacing the lottery based system of unit pool replenishment, with one based on time. I just want there to be a hard global cap on elite units. That is the most important thing to me with regards to the recruitment system. When you lose an elite unit, it should feel as a devastating lesson. And, you shouldn't be able to turtle with a strong economy to build a full stack elite army - no matter how patient you are.

    When you lost a lot of elite troops in battle, it makes zero sense that you would essentially throw a game of dice each year to see if somebody came to reform the lost elite band for you. What would realistically happen, is that some from the elite unit survived, or other talented men took up the mantle to do this. It was always an investment by the lord, in time, money, and preparation. The only thing that would survive from elite units after a high casualty defeat would be: the survivors (obviously), and the traditions they learned from their time in that elite band, as well as the "institution" (basically almost like tradition). Perhaps the survivors would then become the drill sergeants of a rebuilt elite unit. I'm happy they moved to a time based pool replenishment system. But, again I reiterate, it ought to have a hard global unit cap. The reason for this is that elite units would generally be very handsomely paid, not just in money but also in land and other forms of socio-political prestige (increasingly so, as they excel). These perks would become increasingly rare, and at some point you would entirely saturate the maximum distribution of concurrent elite units.
  • norseaxenorseaxe Registered Users Posts: 402
    It takes a few more turns to get elites for recruitment again if you lose a unit of elites in battle it takes a few turns to be able to recruit that unit again. I like new recruitment system. it's not like you can recruit endless amounts of elites it takes some time to get them back.
  • norseaxenorseaxe Registered Users Posts: 402
    what I like about this update.
    1. I like way the easy way to navigate through traits system and book that explains how you get certain traits is cool.
    2. I like estates system especially missions to them.
    3. I actually like new recruitment system.
    4. I like giving us option to adjust politics is nice
    5. I like new building chains.
    6. I like how you get items like weapons as you go through campaign. I got some spear weapon playing east Anglia.
    7. I like new missions P.S. we need more they are a lot of fun.
    8. I like how you get notices to inform you of potential rebellion or civil war. I don't remember getting them before update.
    this is just a few I like about this update. here is what I like CA to improve on.
    1. I wish they would improve on marriages. let us know when another faction daughter is available. marry into another faction if king dies we can have option to declare war to claim there lands through marriage something to that affect.
    2. Some people don't like new recruitment system maybe give us option to revert back like politics system.
    3. I know this one is long shot but give us option to have garrisons in estates. make it like politics system garrisons or no garrisons.
    4. there still is the one general bug if it is a bug. I remember conquering a faction he recruited one general and took 3 settlements lol. this one really isn't that big a deal more of a nuisance than anything.
    5. I like to see more Viking raiders hitting non Viking factions. I never understood why vicing attack east Anglia. I know Vikings were opportunistic but that just seems strange.
    6. another long shot option to bride a whole Viking army to join your faction.
    7. maybe add more playable faction. I'd like to play a raider army.
    these are just some of my thoughts but over all great update. I'll be playing this game for awhile experimenting with other factions thanks CA.
  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
    The new update is a massive improvement on the game and pretty much breathed new life into it for me.

    That said, I think that this game will be made or broken by the AI and just how much fun it can give the player.
  • dearmaddearmad Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 21
    The political game on H seems a lot easier than it was before patch on normal strategic difficulty.

    Does anyone know what the political difficulty slider does or controls actually??
  • SkyjackSkyjack Registered Users Posts: 92
    I REALLY like this update. Well done, CA.
  • Total_War_VeteranTotal_War_Veteran Registered Users Posts: 446
    Dearmad said:

    The political game on H seems a lot easier than it was before patch on normal strategic difficulty.

    Does anyone know what the political difficulty slider does or controls actually??

    I feel the same too, on normal - it feels like there is nothing happens at the early turns. Perhaps lower difficulty means your noble will be more "contend" and it will take severe action to induce them to rebel..
    Full support for CA and CA_Ella
  • FranzSaxonFranzSaxon Registered Users Posts: 2,370
    Game was great before the update to, not sure what people are talking about. But tbh the only people that criticized the game were people who came into the series to play rats and dinosaurs in warhammer. Warhammer is ridiculously more barebones than thrones is, there's just shiny monster toy models and it distracts people with short attention spans. DERP NO DINOSAURS, DERP THRONES OF BRITANNIA SUCK.
  • sunshinetroopersunshinetrooper Registered Users Posts: 68
    When are CA gunna fix the trait system? Its rather frustrating that my generals keep gaining traits and losing them a turn later - woo, i got + shield effectiveness trait from having a tanner and now it gone. Heck, i've lost 2 wise traits which were brilliant, now I have 'raise banner', which i've lost and re-gained numerous times.

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