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Allow ruins as war coordination targets for allies

SpuunSpuun Posts: 2Registered Users
Would it be possible to add the ability to tell AI allies to go and take a settlement that you have razed, if it is not something you want to hold onto?

Example - I'm Empire, and don't have the desire to deal with the negatives of uninhabitable mountain holds, but the dwarves are being pushed hard and losing ground. It would be nice if I could point to a mountain ruin and say, "Yo, go take that thing," which keeps the skaven from settling it while I'm not looking, and also helps prop up my little buddies.

Because God knows, they wont do it on their own.

If we cant cede territory voluntarily, this would be the next best thing...


  • cans4852cans4852 Posts: 75Registered Users
    Along with the ability to "negotiate" some territories I think this would be nice
  • SpuunSpuun Posts: 2Registered Users
    Or just give them up. Skaven, in particular, should be able to abandon settlements when they aren't fit for even rat habitation...
  • rjakjedirjakjedi Posts: 18Registered Users
    This has always been a thing and would give the game a whole deal of playability.

    If there are ruins that complete an allies province they don't seem to prioritise that either.

    Allow the ability to negotiate settlements too.

    I guess it would be relatively simple to program. If only they give the AI the ability to treat settlements based on Gold Cost in diplomacy they would probably deal with them appropriately. And just raise the cost of completing the province set as you would in a game of monopoly.

  • cans4852cans4852 Posts: 75Registered Users
    And one should consider a proper diplomatic standing like a non-agression pact/military access/trade agreement should be required in order to buy/sell settlements
  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Posts: 468Registered Users
    Yeah, the wonky expansion priorities of the AI seem to be the real issue here. Sometimes I think the AI doesn't understand provinces.

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